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Golden Force is a 2D action scene game with beautiful 16-bit graphics, eye-catching colorful characters and lovely characters, evoking a lot of familiar feelings for those who grew up in the same 16-bit era. However, the game developer Storybird Games is quite “bony” because of its very high difficulty, challenging the patience of the player to the level of ruthlessness. The development team built the game experience to life in the right way of “play it hard” and Golden Force was born from the result of that cute but not cute design point of view.

The game owns a fairly simple story about the four-member Golden Force squad. During a journey aboard the Golden Boat after a luxurious vacation before, the four great heroes of the game experience realize they are about to go bankrupt. To solve the empty wallet situation, people decided to visit Muscle Island to “steal” the demon king’s gold-filled treasure to cover the upcoming expenses. This is also the moment where the game experience takes you to a nightmare that challenges the patience and scene skills of the player in the most unexpected situations.

In fact, the Golden Force experience is like green tea that keeps you up all night. To reach the Demon King, you have to pass “bony” levels and boss battles that are extremely exciting but satisfying on four different islands. That is not to mention the number of secrets in each level that stimulate you to discover. The most notable are three gold coins and a shell for those who love challenges with flawless experiences. Collecting enough of these items on each island will unlock the bonus level, challenging your skills and patience to the top of the top.

In addition to having to explore every corner to unlock the bonus screen, the player’s skill through the screen is also assessed at the end of the screen based on the time through the screen, collecting items and gold coins from exploration and combat. However, this score is only for you to improve yourself through screen replay, not by competing rankings. Notably, Golden Force has three different currencies. Coins are used to buy support items such as revive or increase combat ability. Gold bars and shells are used to increase the character’s stats in combat and exploration.

Describing the idea is not difficult to imagine, and it is difficult to imagine. From the combat aspect of the game screen to the scene scenes, all require the use of basic character skills thoroughly. For example, you can slash the enemy into the air, “swing the three units” through them or even use the technique to smash them into the wall like a ball in the space of the game screen, causing damage to all students any “evil evil spirit” accidentally lies in their flight path. Fighting enemies continuously helps to raise the combo bar to the top and bring external firepower to the player for free.

In particular, although all the basic skills of the character feel quite out of place, if you know how to combine it, it will bring an unexpectedly engaging experience. For example, slashing the sword to the enemy before being “swung his hand to the cheek”, the character will have a very useful moment of temporary championship. Similarly, when you are hit by an enemy, you will temporarily invade your character. At this point, if you fall down the cliff in the state of only the last drop of blood, you will not lose your life. While I’m not sure this was the developer’s design intent, I can’t deny it makes the experience less inhibitory.

Review game Golden Force

Even a single basic act of slashing… a wind dragon could be the unexpected salvation. In fact, letting your character die is a nightmare you never want to meet in the Golden Force experience. The problem is, this is impossible because the game screen has a lot of injustice traps scattered all over the place, inspired by the typical game design of the 1990s. From a narrow perspective, you cannot respond until the free-falling spots, if you do not pay attention, the control character will definitely lose blood or even lose your life is also a normal thing that you have to get used to.

Being careful is never enough in the Golden Force experience, but stumbling makes you want to stand up and try again after those resentful “big” shots. Despite the unfair experience that challenges your patience and carefulness, the in-game screen design is extremely limited in checkpoints. Maybe after entering a few minutes, he had to play again from the beginning of the screen. Saying far away, right from the first scene of the experience of guiding the basic operations, while you are not familiar with the operation, the game has thrown you to the first boss it “defeats”. Quite funny is the boss full of food names

Worth mentioning, this tutorial segment caused me to die a few times before I could imagine the nightmare of the horrible game experience. If you let the character die, you have to play again from the beginning of the screen or the nearest checkpoint is quite inhibiting. Can’t be helped as the difficulty increases in later islands. More unexpected deaths, while the enemy also wickedly schemed with new attacks, requiring you to change your counterattack tactics. However, the feeling of injustice that drives me the most mad is that an enemy can suddenly pop up under your feet.

That is still nothing compared to the number of traps spread throughout the game screen. If it collides with these deadly traps, the character is likely to “spread” to the place due to the screen design characteristics. If not because of the chain effect causing the character to lose blood, it is also difficult for you to escape before it’s too late. However, Golden Force that impresses the most is also the screen design with a variety of themes. Forming the main characters to the enemy and especially the boss is very diverse. Each type of enemy has its own attack that makes you mad when you are “eaten” by them.

Review game Golden Force

The worst case scenario is that they appear in unison and attack your board. Sometimes there are only two to three enemies, but without good reflexes, their chances of getting hit are still very high and cause a lot of inhibitions. However, I cannot avoid comparing the experience Golden Force has very similarities with Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut in terms of gameplay mechanics. This makes the game very easy to get used to if you have played the aforementioned series before. Even one of the four main characters also has many similarities in appearance as well as costume colors and hair.

Despite having such a compelling game experience, Golden Force has a rather confusing problem when there is a drop in frame rate in scenes with too much detail, at least on the Nintendo Switch. This issue is infrequent and rarely interferes with the experience, but still makes me feel uncomfortable. The reason for that is not the first time I have this situation on the Nintendo system, especially when it is a 2D game like the case of recent Foregone or Hardcore Mecha, not heavy 3D games needing hardware power. “.

Unfortunately, Golden Force has a relatively short playing time. However, it depends on the level of the scene and reflexes of each player, so I do not consider it a minus point, especially the bonus levels as designed for the purpose of “onion” you rather than build. Balanced game experience. In return, Golden Force supports an exciting 2-person co-op experience that makes the experience even easier, with each user using a Joy-Con controller on the Nintendo Switch. However, the co-op experience seems to be more of a drop in frame rate than solo.

Review game Golden Force

In the end, Golden Force offers an amazing action scene experience if you are patient and careful enough. The retro game design based on 16-bit graphics may be a minus for players who are afraid of difficulty, but those who love the feeling of challenge to overcome themselves definitely cannot ignore this game.

Golden Force is available for PC (Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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The article uses the game supported by the publisher and is played on the Nintendo Switch.

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