‘Gold mine’ Internet tourism ambassador awaits exploitation

Online “travel ambassadors” are contributing to promoting the image of Vietnam with dishes and experiences. Unfortunately, this gold mine has not been exploited by the tourism industry.

aNcari is the YouTube channel of a Japanese girl Akari who falls in love with the people and country of Vietnam when she comes to live and work in Ho Chi Minh City.

ANcari’s daily stories initially only attracted her own Japanese friends, but gradually her viewership became diverse as she developed a bilingual channel (Japanese – Vietnamese).


So, not only young Vietnamese people but also other Japanese people know about aNcari channel when they find out information about Vietnam tourism, accordingly, they are introduced to interesting dishes, diversity of culinary as well as cultural features of Vietnamese people’s life.

aNcari room, a Japanese girl in love with Vietnam born in 1993. Photo from aNcari room.

Previously, the movie event Kong: Skull Island of director Jordan Vogt Robert was shown with main scenes taken at tourist destinations that are world natural heritage, Vietnam tourism also took advantage of an opportunity to promote Vietnam’s tourism image and appointing director Mr. Jordan Vogt Robert as the tourism ambassador to the UK and the US.

Not only “foreign ambassadors”, “domestic ambassadors” are a very dynamic and creative force constantly. Most of the backpacker community in the Northwest region spreads to each other to watch the latest clips of “Hoa Ban Food”, a YouTube channel created by businessman Tan Pham, and the content is also recorded by him. and self-editing.

Stemming from his personal passion, during the trips to the village, or to the deep forests, the Northwest mountains, Mr. Tan recorded beautiful memories with the people here, his rustic experiences like eating. buffalo meat or fish in the kitchen, going to the forest to eat forest food has attracted millions of followers.


Young and dynamic, Dinh Vo Hoai Phuong’s “Khoai Lang Thang” channel is known to the community as an “ambassador of cuisine”.

Not only having a “photogenic” look and charming lyrics that attract female fans, Hoai Phuong is very focused on producing professionally and professionally content with plans to travel to regions from the West of the river. from countries to the Central Highlands or abroad, try delicious local dishes and share with the community.

The clip about “sincere” Western cuisine attracted more than 1.6 million views.

The photo in the collection “Vietnamese Co Sugar” by Khoai Lang Thang. Photo from Hoai Phuong’s Facebook.

With the same love for the peaceful country in the West of the river, the two brothers “Wild pleasures”, Mr. Thinh and Quy regularly update the “fun” that anyone is curious about when learning about the West, such as wading in the river to catch goby, how to make the famous Ca Mau noodle pot, catching the coconut weevils …

Like Hoai Phuong, the brothers Thinh and Quy also organize regular content creation trips in the Mekong Delta provinces.


They, along with hundreds of other ‘ambassadors’, are increasingly creating content in many fields, promoting the image of the country, people, culture and cuisine of the homeland as well as the places. new.

They are the human resources that need to be exploited, contributing to promoting the image of a fresh Vietnam on the Internet, with attractive and quality destinations.

However, it seems that they have not been noticed and exploited properly by the tourism industry to bring this smoke-free industry up and flying.

The online travel market remains open

Tourism is a key economic sector making an important contribution to the development of the country, in particular, in 2017, tourism & travel contributed nearly 9.4% to GDP, about 468,300 billion VND.

However, in addition to the traditional method, travel agencies are still slow in attracting visitors from cyberspace, and exploiting ‘gold mines’ of online travel ambassadors.

Vietnam has a breakthrough in e-commerce business (online travel services alone), forecast to increase from $ 0.4 billion to $ 7.5 billion by 2025.

The information provided by Google shows that the online tourism market is very potential but still left open in Vietnam.

According to research conducted by Google and Temasek SEA in 2016, Vietnam has a breakthrough growth in e-commerce business (in terms of online travel services only), is forecast to increase from USD 0.4 billion to $ 7.5 billion by 2025.

Among them, the trend of online booking through smartphones (smartphones) of travel companies in the Asia-Pacific region will increase by more than 10% on average in 2017.

The online market data shows not only enormous potential but also a clear shift to a mobile environment.

Notably, Vietnam is in the Top 5 markets with the most time watching YouTube clips in the world.

These are very favorable factors to develop an environment to promote tourism on the Internet.

The trend continues in 2017, when by November 2017, Vietnam had 50 million Internet users, accounting for 54% of the population, higher than the world average and among the countries and territories. has the highest number of Internet users in Asia (Vietnam Internet Forum 2017).

And according to Appota announced 9-2017, Vietnam has more than 130 million mobile devices, of which 48 million are smartphones, of which searching for information becomes a daily habit of 67.3%.


However, these great potentials are not yet fully grasped by travel companies and travel services in Vietnam, including top representatives, according to Google experts.

Tourism promotion activities still focus on traditional methods such as participating in travel fairs or promoting in key tourism markets, not really applying information technology to the tourism field. in the trend of Industrial Revolution 4.0.
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