Going to sell the old Xbox One, 16-year-old teenager shot dead - Photo 1.

Going to sell the old Xbox One, the 16-year-old teenager was shot dead

The story was so heartbreaking that it happened on Thursday when a 16-year-old Johnny Peluyera, who lives in Indiana, was shot and killed when he sold his old Xbox One to pay for the electricity. new phone

Specifically, after selling online, Johnny Peluyera and her father went to the rendezvous to meet buyers who are 2 unidentified youths. They went to an abandoned house for the purpose of testing the Xbox One and delivering money.

However, soon after, Johnny's father discovered something unusual when one of the two young men had a gun. He immediately warned his son and ran away from the area. He even suggested leaving the Xbox to escape quickly. However, Johnny tried to embrace his property and was hit when he was running back to the car.

Johnny then died and his father immediately reported to the police, but the two perpetrators quickly escaped and no further information is available. Only know them about 20 years old, is of African descent.

Going to sell the old Xbox One, 16-year-old teenager was shot dead - Photo 2.

Johnny Peluyera's family is experiencing a great shock, this guy is very gentle and passionate about games and cars. They could not understand why the evil guys could be mercilessly killed just because of the old Xbox One, which was of little value.

Indeed this is a very unfortunate case and also very painful … Gamers who want to sell good old-fashioned goods should make an appointment to meet somewhere crowded like a commercial center or square, for example, be safer. and less robbery. Or simply deposit it at the second-hand stores, though you will get a little more money, but at least ensure it is safe.

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