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Gods Will Fall – The adventure continues in its next DLC


Barely a few days after its release, Gods Will Fall reveals the release and content of its next DLC: Valley of the Dormant Gods via a roadmap. And the least we can say is that we will be spoiled throughout the year with the many additions that will arrive in the second and third quarter of the year 2021. On the program: new kingdoms, new gods and new weapons.

No less than three new dungeons will emerge during the year. And of course, who says new kingdoms to walk, say new gods to slay. And to do this, new classes of weapons and items will also appear to help your Celtic warriors in these battles that promise to be even more epic.

The Overworld, the pacifist area of ​​the game, will be enriched with new events that must be discovered in order to improve the fighters. And to make these warriors stronger than ever, new skills will also be added to Gods Will Fall with the additional possibility of finding cosmetics. A little extra that brings a touch of personalization and will strengthen the attachment that we can have with the warriors of the clan.

All of these DLCs will be paid for players who do not have the Valiant Edition. However, the patch scheduled for Q2 2021 will come with a free DLC called The Dolmens Depths. In the latter, it will be a question of exploring the world of the Dolmens in order to bring back a warrior trapped in the afterlife, a real plus for the team of deicidal heroes who will be able to count on their skills to overcome the gods. more powerful.

Despite its few flaws related to bugs and its short lifespan, the addition of these DLC will allow the game to enjoy greater success and open its horizons to new players. In addition, Deep Silver continues to enrich the lore so particular of the title and promises us many even more varied parts. At this time, we do not yet know the exact price or release date of the DLC.



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