"Goddess Advent" finale!Li Xiuhao, Lin Zhoujing, sweet sugar, Han Shujun earns enough tears from the audience

“Goddess Advent” finale!Li Xiuhao, Lin Zhoujing, sweet sugar, Han Shujun earns enough tears from the audience

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On the evening of February 4, starring Che Yinyou, Wen Jiaying, and Huang Yinye, every update will be on the hot search “Goddess Descent” to usher in the finale.

This drama is the hottest campus Korean drama recently——

The open drawing score is only 6.6, and it’s a spit. However, as the plot progressed, all kinds of nonsensical smiles and romantic love lines were thrown out, and the score rose steadily to 7.5.

Li Xiuhao, the protagonist played by the genius Che Yinyou, has been praised frequently. Huang Yinye played the second infatuated man, Han Shujun, who has become the top 1 boyfriend choice in the audience’s hearts by virtue of the super warm behavior of “Guardian Heroine Lin Zhoujing”.

The three actors are all popular actors, which makes the finale of “Goddess Advent” broadcast live on Korean Internet, and the domestic Weibo platform has been on the hot search.

Xiu Hao and Zhou Jing reconciled, and the sweetness of the story was so sweet that the audience lost their teeth. At the same time, topics related to Han Shujun’s inconsistency and forced whitewashing of his daughter’s blood also caused heated discussions.

1. Xiu Hao and Zhou Jing’s kiss scene with sweet and sweet flowers

In the first half of the plot, far abroad, Xiu Hao broke up with Zhou Jing because his father was seriously ill: He couldn’t bear to get sick while waiting for his call while studying, so he chose to end the relationship.

At first glance, I felt it was too sloppy, but I discovered the love view that the screenwriter wanted to show from it: In many cases, it is not the disappearance of feelings that defeats love, but the distance and jet lag.

This is the reason why Garbage Brother and Najing broke up in the classic Korean drama “Please Answer 1994”, full of realistic helplessness.

Fortunately, the relationship between Xiu Hao and Zhou Jing is indestructible. Even if there is no contact for a long time, there is still only each other in my heart.

After learning that Xiu Hao would go abroad again, Zhou Jing rushed out to find Xiu Hao. This shot is the most amazing shot in the finale: Although it is old-fashioned, it presents the deep love between the two to the extreme.

After the misunderstanding is resolved, the audience loves to hear and see, the sweet sugar-spreading plot!

Korean dramas are best at romantic BGM, Xiu Hao and Zhou Jing kissed intimately and promised to never separate again. In the follow-up, I went back to the “Comic House” where the love began to watch comics. The full screen of dog food made the audience sour and pleased.

Although there were quarrels and misunderstandings in the middle, but in the end it still went to happy ending. This is the correct way to open campus romance Korean dramas~

2. Han Shujun earned enough tears from the audience

Compared with the Gao Tianshuahua between Xiu Hao and Zhou Jing, the part that belongs to the male second Han Shujun is a bit difficult for the audience.

He guarded Zhou Jing for two years, but he didn’t want to respond. He even took the initiative to incarnate as a tool person, telling Zhou Jing that “Xiu Hao will go abroad again”, and handed the girl he liked.

How flustered Zhou Jing went out to find Xiu Hao’s expression, and how strong the visual impact of Han Shujun’s crying scene brought to the audience, could not help crying, and felt distressed for Han Shujun.

In terms of character settings, Han Shujun is actually the most typical “heart-warming male second” image in Korean dramas.

But in “Goddess Descend”, Han Shujun is really infatuated. He stays with Zhou Jing every time he needs, silently paying but not asking for return.

In addition, the screenwriter deliberately pleased the audience. Many plots of the romantic relationship between Han Shujun and Zhou Jing were added to the drama, which caused many audiences to be angry at the fact that the two were not together. Set a bad review.

In this regard, I would like to discuss the plot direction in a fair manner.

While Xiu Hao was abroad, Han Shujun and Zhou Jing had a sweet relationship with each other, but it should be noted that the sweetness comes from Shujun’s responsiveness to Zhou Jing, and Zhou Jing’s attitude towards Shujun has always been his attitude towards friends. In this narrative line, there is no plot of green tea poured on both sides of the heroine Zhou Jing.

The most important reason why Han Shujun and Zhou Jing made the audience feel so uncomfortable was that the protagonist Xiu Hao’s character set was too thin.

Although the interactive scene after reconciling with Zhou Jing is very sweet, it does not describe in detail the pain of Xiu Hao after breaking up, so it is not impossible for the audience to deeply feel Xiu Hao’s feelings for Zhou Jing.

Comparing the two, Han Shujun’s character set is more popular, so it’s expected that the mind is difficult to balance.

3. Forcibly washing the white woman and being complained

Probably in the 10th episode, the second female Jiang Xiuzhen in “Goddess Advent” turned black.

It was originally a female character who stood up for good friends. In the end, he changed because of the love he couldn’t get, and repeatedly did things that hurt Zhou Jing.

The sassy character in the first half of the plot is extremely separate from the image of the wicked woman in the second half of the plot. It is entirely for torture and blood for dog blood.

In the finale, what the audience worried most still happened! After disappearing for a long time, Xiuzhen reappeared, stood up when Zhou Jing was bullied, and then apologized to Zhou Jing for the bad behavior in the past and officially completed the whitewashing.

Although the development of the plot is not abrupt, it is still difficult for the audience to accept such a huge change: one will be righteous, another wicked woman, and then become righteous again, spring is not so flexible and stretchable, right?

I can understand that the screenwriter wants to set a happy ending for each character, but such a simple, rude and mindless way is really bloody. Therefore, “Goddess Descends” was cast with a bit of unfinished color, and it was really not worth the gain.

In addition to the protagonist group, other characters in “Goddess Advent” also ushered in their own lovely endings.

Such as the sand sculpture wedding between sister and teacher from beginning to end, and the romantic encounter between sister Han Shujun and brother Zhou Jing, poking the audience with tears with laughter.

Although at the end of the story, some plots are too old-fashioned, but fortunately, the three protagonists of Xiu Hao, Zhou Jing, and Han Shujun have all completed their own growth and gained love and dreams. This kind of “Goddess Advent” can be regarded as a perfect ending~


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