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God of War Ragnarok officially announced on PS5

So it’s official, God of War Ragnarok will land on PS5 in 2021. Sony officially announced it during its conference dedicated to the PS5. The title of Santa Monica Studio, eagerly awaited by fans, was presented at the very end of the event.

Rich in announcements, the Playstation event last night gave interesting clues about the catalog of games for the Sony console by 2021. Among these announcements, we could not miss God of War Ragnarok, so much the license has become a benchmark for the Japanese console.

Logo God of War Ragnarok
Logo God of War Ragnarok. Credit : Sony Interactive Entertainment

God of War a donc été le « one more thing ». At the very end of its conference, just before the announcement of the prices and the release date of the PS5, Sony unveiled a short teaser on the new version of Santa Monica Studio.

A much awaited announcement

The announcement was very quick, under a minute, and didn’t show much on its own. No gameplay, no cutscene. The teaser features a moving logo with a nice effect, then the mention “Ragnarok is coming” and finally a release window, 2021. In the background, we hear Kratos, probably talking to his son Atreus. The hero’s words are: “The time is approaching. Be ready. “.

By analyzing this teaser in a little more detail, we can see that the God of War logo transforms into a snake. This serpent could represent Jörmungandr, gigantic sea serpent from Norse mythology. Perhaps this is a clue to what awaits the players. So that’s all we’ll know for now, but there’s no doubt that Sony will show more in the coming months.

A sequel to God of War was expected, and had already been anticipated previously. The end of the previous opus strongly suggested a continuation of the story. The game released in 2018, which focused on an older and wiser Kratos than in previous games in the series, had met with great success. He had propelled the God of War series as one of Playstation’s flagship exclusives.

Sony made a report on God of War and it is available on YouTube

Source : Polygon

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