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Different interpretations of argument conversion are: false, true, or not enough?

To ensure we understand the problem comprehensively, it is important to emphasize that digital transformation is not just about:

Digital marketing: even though this category is an important part of an enterprise’s business and is still sometimes “labeled” digital transformation.

Customer behavior “digital”: Although this factor plays a certain role and customers are also becoming more ‘digital and mobile’.

New technology with changes coming from customers, human resources, markets, competitors, stakeholders, and from the development of technology itself. And the fact that ’emerging’ technologies can actually deliver breakthroughs that have the potential to change a landscape.

The “paperless” trend: Transforming paper into digital data as well as digitizing information (flows) and business processes.

It can be seen that each perspective is like a puzzle piece of a panorama. When assembled together, we will have a fairly realistic definition:

Digital transformation is the change in culture, organization and operation of an organization, an industry, or a solution system through the intelligent integration of technologies, processes and digital knowledge across all of them. These levels are implemented in an organized and strategic manner.

Digital transformation and the future: COVID-19, sustainability and the impact of the challenges ahead

Perhaps it goes without saying too much about Covid’s landmark impact on the soaring speed of digital transformation in many markets. When organizations and society as a whole need to leverage technology in almost every aspect of business and even private lives, we clearly see some areas – obviously – becoming ‘digital. ‘ than before.

The fact that many people have started using digital channels for the first time for specific purposes (under the influence of Covid-19 even the old man can order food on Now),

The inevitable shift – (when needed) – to remote work (and work in conjunction),

More powerful digital transformation in sales and marketing,

The tendency to “remote”, “automate” when these methods create real value,

Besides, even without the impact of COVID-19 (factors that also have a strong impact such as climate change, sustainable environment … just a few examples), digital and technological breakthroughs will still be the trends shaping the future.

According to IDC, by 2023, 75% of organizations will have a roadmap for implementing full digital transformation, up from 27% today. And this will actually lead to “profound transformation in all aspects of business and society.”

Towards a digital Vietnam, the goal is determined

In just one year, 13,000 more digital technology businesses were established and the goal is that by 2030, Vietnam must have 100,000 digital technology enterprises according to the direction of the head of the Government: “Industrial community Digital technology needs to be a pioneer in research, development and innovation, mastering technology, making an important contribution to national digital transformation, transforming the digital economy to realize aspirations for a Vietnam is strong and prosperous “.

Sharing at the opening session of the Vietnam digital technology business development forum in 2020, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung also affirmed: “Without Make in Vietnam, Vietnam cannot become a developed country. No Make in. Vietnam, we cannot go to the world. Without Make in Vietnam, Vietnam cannot be resilient. Without Make in Vietnam, Vietnam cannot prosper. “

According to Deputy TT Vu Duc Dam: “Vietnam can confidently use its solutions for development, in which technology is given a pioneering mission.”

Responding to the needs of digital transformation, building a stable digital business from the beginning and sustainable development in the future, IT infrastructure providers serving these goals also play a very important role. The advantages from self-developed infrastructure, stable domestic transmission line not affected by international connection, no data sharing with foreign countries, direct technical support from a team of technology engineers … such as BizFly Cloud will provide maximum support for businesses.

BizFly Cloud owns a diverse set of cloud solutions with nearly 20 products: Cloud Server (Virtual Server), CDN (Website acceleration solution up to 16 times), Simple Storage (Infinite cloud storage), Load Balancer (Load balancing system), VPN (Virtual private network connection), Call Center (Virtual PBX solution VOIP) …

In addition, BizFly Cloud is also in the BizFly technology solutions system, including dozens of marketing solutions, convenient automation such as: free lifetime chatbot, automated sales bot, email marketing …, businesses can easily integrate. add tools for any arising need after just a few clicks … One of the advantages makes the digital transformation of businesses easier, more comprehensive than ever.

BizFly Cloud is currently a strategic cloud partner of many large companies such as VTV, Vingroup, Northern Green Land, Thu Cuc, Ahamove, Sapo, VNtrip …

Interested readers can register for a trial and receive up to 5 months of FREE use of all cloud services provided by BizFly Cloud at: https://bizflycloud.vn/

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BizFly Cloud – IT infrastructure for digital transformation


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