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[Gmail] How to send an email but do not allow recipients to forward or copy it

Google introduced the "Secure Email" feature, which gives it time to read and prevent recipients from copying content or forwarding it in 2018 and this 25th day, it starts running for all users. . Currently, users in many countries have updated this feature. You will not need to install anything, this new and handy feature will automatically be opened for you to use when needed.

This new feature is useful for important emails, such as sensitive documents. Google allows users to use their new gadgets on different platforms. There will be certain additions in the interface for users to apply the "secure mailing" feature to the email and this article will show you how to use it.

On the browser

  • Click the plus sign to compose a new message as usual

  • Next to the blue send button, there will be tool buttons, find the lock icon, click on it

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  • When clicked, a window will jump up, allowing you to set the factors such as the duration of the email or the password to access the email. This feature of receiving password via SMS still does not support Vietnam.

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  • Recipients who receive the mail will also know that it is a security message, that they cannot forward, copy, print or download the email content.

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On the phone

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Since iOS and Android are the same, I only demo how to do it on Android phones. Simple, you just need to click on compose a new message. Select the 3-way mark on the top right, click on security mode. The remaining settings do the same thing as on the browser. Hope this article is useful to you. Have fun.


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