Gmail for Android: Disable label settings
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Gmail for Android: Disable label settings

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Gmail has a very interesting tool for those who receive a lot of emails and want to organize them by themes, accessing their set easily and directly. See how to use Gmail’s labeling feature in the article below.

Gmail allows you to create as many labels as you like. To generate them, click More in the menu on the left of the main Gmail screen and then Create new bookmark:

In the small window that appears in the center of the screen, name the marker that will be created and click on the button Create:

You will see that the marker will appear in the menu on the left. Now, to insert an email inside the label, check the box of the chosen email line and then go to the icon Bookmarks (rightmost, next to the three dots) and select the marker box (in our example, CCM Brasil):

The label name will now appear next to the message title, as you can see in the image below:

Creating sub-labels

If you want to go a step further in organizing your messages, you can also create sub-markers within a marker. For this, the process is the same as creating a bookmark (see above).

However, when opening the creation window, give the marker a name and check the box Nest marker on and select the main marker:

Now, you will have, according to the example given, a sub-marker Downloads | inside the marker CCM Brazil in the Gmail menu:

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