Glutamyl transferase range (GT range): what is

Glutamyl transferase range (GT range): what is

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THE gamma glutamyl transferase (GT range) is an enzyme naturally produced by the body in the liver and found both in the liver and in other organs such as kidneys and intestines.

  • GT range values

  • Diagnosis of the GT range

  • Causes of increasing the GT range

    • Alcoholism

    • Illnesses

    • Medicines

  • Complementary exams

GT range values

The concentration of GT gamma in the blood is usually less than 60 international units per liter of blood, but it can be increased in the case of some pathologies. The most frequent source of this increase is chronic alcoholism. Other conditions, such as liver disease and diabetes, the use of certain medications or certain infections, may also be responsible for the increase in this rate.

Diagnosis of the GT range

The results of measuring GT gamma in the blood not enough so that an accurate diagnosis can be established. Only the doctor, in possession of blood analysis and clinical studies, can establish an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, order other tests.

Causes of increasing the GT range


THE chronic alcoholism it is a frequent cause of the increase in the GT range, however the variations of this enzyme in the body are not always related to this disease.


Some diseases can be related to changes in the GT range, such as those related to the liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer), diabetes, hyperglycemia, hyperthyroidism, obesity or heart failure.


Some medicines as antidepressants, contraceptives, anticonvulsants, hypnotics and steroids can alter the activity of the gamma GT enzyme.

Complementary exams

In the case of analyzes that demonstrate anomalies, it is necessary to carry out additional tests such as analysis of blood parameters, liver measurements and other enzymes present in the liver, such as bilirubin. A specific examination of the liver and bile can also help to research the causes of the high rates of GT range.

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