Glorious response to the “Three Kingdoms 14” player questions! Announce specific solutions

Glory Tecumor’s “Three Kingdoms 14” was officially released on PS4 and PC platforms today. The game currently ranks first on Steam’s national sales list and global sales list, but many players pointed out that optimization of the game is a problem. Stuck, black screen, etc. Glorious Tecumor has just released a solution to the “Three Kingdoms 14” problem.

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光 @ 光荣 特库摩 游戏: Explanation about players’ questions: Thank you for purchasing “Three Kingdoms 14”. Provide solutions to issues that concern the majority of players.

1. Under certain circumstances, the game cannot be started normally after animation

确认 I have confirmed that when the graphics card driver version of Radeon is the latest version such as Recommended v19.12.2 / Optional v20.1.2, it may not be able to transfer to the game after animation. After testing, it has been confirmed that the driver version is 19.10.1 (WHQL) or below can solve this problem, please try to downgrade the driver version.

This issue is being confirmed and investigated with AMD.

Twenty-two, the use of laptops, etc., the problem of game freeze under specific circumstances

Try the following:

① Launch the NVIDIA Control Panel.

② Select “Manage 3D Settings” of “3D Settings” in “Select a Task”.

③ In the “Global Settings” menu, change the “Preferred Graphics Processor” option to “High Performance NVIDIA Processor” and click Apply.

④ Restart the game.

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3. The screen freezes when playing with dual screens

This situation is caused by the priority collection graphics card, please try the following:

① Right-click on the desktop and select Desktop Properties.

② Select the monitor you want to play from the two desktop screens displayed.

③ Click “Set this screen as the main desktop” at the bottom of the screen.

④ Restart the game.

Fourth, the voice cannot be played during the game

语音 After installing the game, there may be a problem that the voice does not play properly. The reason is that the default setting in the game launcher is OFF by mistake. Excuse me, please set the voice to ON in the launcher to play the voice normally. This issue will be updated and fixed in the future.

Finally, the official said: “If you still cannot play the game normally after trying the above solutions, please leave a message under this announcement. We will provide you with a solution as soon as possible. At the same time, please check the recommended configuration. Thank you for your understanding and support!”

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