GLM G4: Japanese electric supercar is ambitious to compete with Tesla

GLM G4: Japanese electric supercar is ambitious to compete with Tesla

GLM Japan brand has just launched the GLM G4 electric supercar, which is impressed by its beautiful appearance, outstanding acceleration and modern equipment.

Exterior electric supercar New GLM G4

The new GLM G4 electric supercar has a four-door design with a very fancy bird-shaped wing. The exterior of the car is painted dark green. Thanks to its eye-catching appearance, G4 has quickly made a strong impression on industry experts as well as visitors since its launch.

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The new GLM G4 car is equipped with a fairly thin headlight cluster, low undercarriage design and a hood that feels quite heavy. When opened, the car door will be in the shape of bird wings to help users get in and out of the car more easily. In particular, the rear door can only be opened after the front door has been opened. Besides, the door steps of the car are also quite high. All of these designs are intended to help increase the safety of the occupants in the event of a collision coming from the side.

Electric supercar interior New GLM G4

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The interior of the new GLM G4 electric supercar is designed with a luxurious and elegant style. The car steering wheel has a straight end. The seats and other interior details are all bright white. Delicate interior space with the most modern amenities to meet the maximum needs of users.

The engine operates the electric supercar GLM G4

The GLM G4 supercar is equipped with the best of the manufacturer’s own electric motor for futuristic design. The new GLM G4 features two electric motors located in the front and rear of the vehicle, powertrain via a multi-speed transmission. This type of electric motor now has many turns of wire to set a particular power level. Thereby, the driver is allowed to change to adjust the speed as well as the capacity.

Thanks to this superior electric motor, the new GLM G4 can run 417km on a single charge. Vehicles for acceleration up to 100km / h with a time of 3.6 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 250km / h.

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Possessing many outstanding advantages, GLM G4 costs about $ 224,000. This is a pretty high price, so only the “people playing” the rich can own. GLM G4 electric supercar is a product that Japanese car manufacturer GLM hopes to compete with big competitor Tesla.

Trung Tan

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