Glance Lockscreen: Brilliant Content Platform With Seamless Shopping Built-in


Smartphones are by far the best source of multimedia consumption. They keep you entertained, informed, and updated with the latest trends in the world. Wouldn’t it be better if all this is complemented by an innovative service that offers content right on your phone’s lockscreen according to your interests? Well, the Glance lockscreen platform is exactly that.

Having numerous applications on your phone for separate tasks could be daunting at times, as it’s hard to stay put with all the scattered information at the same time. You often wish for an app that’s a one stop solution and shows only the content that interests you. The Glance lockscreen platform does just that, with some additional tricks up its sleeve.

Glance is a service that can fulfill your multimedia and news-centric needs. The service pushes important content to its users in the most innovative way. The information is served in the most visually-pleasing way fused with simplified language to make it more relatable to the users.

Buy What You See

If you thought pushing visually-rich information was the only thing Glance does, then you are wrong. In addition to the important content, the platform acts as a handy tool to discover products that a user might see while binging content on Glance.

For instance, if a user finds an attractive look sported by a model or a celebrity and wishes to buy the dress, they just have to hit the option to buy the look provided alongside the information. The user will then be redirected to a trusted e-commerce platform such as Amazon where the different products that make the look can be purchased.

Glance Lockscreen: Brilliant Content Platform With Seamless Shopping

To make things even more exciting, Glance ensure that the products are curated to match the look and the reviews and ratings are also taken into account. What’s more? The concept isn’t restricted to fashion and apparel alone; it extends to other relevant categories as well. You can buy all the ingredients of a recipe online just by tapping the ‘Get the Ingredients’ button while watching a cooking tutorial.

Shopping Made Simple

Glance makes shopping fashion and lifestyle products a cakewalk, as it simplifies the process at several layers. First and foremost, you get to see the look which eliminates the process of having to search fordifferent products and putting them together to make a look.

Besides, you get to see the price and brand of the product which makes the purchase decision simpler. Since Glance automatically redirects you to a trusted platform, the hassle of choosing the right shopping portal is eliminated. Lastly the showcased items have good ratings and reviews, so the chances of receiving a poor quality product is absolutely zilch.

Glance Lockscreen: Brilliant Content Platform With Seamless Shopping

This feature on the Glance service adds great value and caters to a diverse group of shoppers. Be it frequent online buyers or first-timers, both groups will find it handy and intuitive to discover and purchase products without having to spend a lot of time searching for products at different e-commerce platforms.

Great Source Of Information With Added Advantages

Glance makes for a highly customizable service that lets you view content in several languages. The service can be customized to show news in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu for more personalized user experience.

The USP of the service is that it brings loads of information, entertainment, shopping options and other multimedia to your phone’s lockscreen without eating up a huge chunk of data. Every time the phone is woken up; you are served with a visually-pleasing piece of information in the form of text and videos.

You can take advantage of the Glance platform on a wide range of Android smartphones. The lineup includes Xiaomi’s Redmi Note, Poco and K20 Pro Series, Samsung Galaxy A, J and M series and Vivo smartphones.

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