(Giveaway) Registered license Net Monitor for Employees, remote control from 23/1

(Giveaway) Registered license Net Monitor for Employees, remote control from 23/1

If you own a private computer lab, a company or you simply want to manage how your children use computers then Net Monitor for Employess absolutely can meet your needs. With the ability to manage computers in the network or control the computer remotely, Net Monitor for Employess licensed software performs the above functions well, And to use the royalty-free Net Monitor for Employess, follow Follow the article below.

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Net Monitor for Employees is a bulk computer management software, suitable for a subsidiary model or monitoring the use of a personal computer in the home. In Net Monitor for Employees there are many functions such as automatically shutting down, opening or locking the computer. Or lock any peripheral connected to that computer such as USB, drive or printer.

giveaway net monitor for emplyees

(Giveaway) Register Net Monitor for Employees license, control remote computer

Of course, to monitor, or control the remote computer, you definitely need the consent of the monitored machine such as the password, the account to access.

To own Net Monitor for Employees software you have to spend $ 59.99, Activate all the features of the software. However follow the instructions below from date January 23, 2017 to January 25, 2017 then that number is 0 dong with 100% government copyright code.

Registration guide for Net Monitor for Employees, software for remote control of computers


Step 1: First, you must download Net Monitor for Employees here: Download Net Monitor for Employees.

– Next, press COME IN to receive the giveaway code of the Net Monitor for Employees software.

Step 2: Install the Net Monitor for Employees software on the computer. During the installation process the software will ask you to choose 1 in 2 versions, you can choose any line without affecting the main function of the software.

giveaway net monitor for emplyees

After the installation is complete, opening Net Monitor for Employees will ask you to enter the license code in the field Enter License Key.

giveaway net monitor for emplyees

If you enter the correct license code giveaway obtained above, proceed to create a password to start managing and controlling the remote computer.

giveaway net monitor for emplyees

The last step, the familiar step after completing the activation process of the licensed Net Monitor for Employees software is go to use, Add Computer and start the process of managing your machines only.

giveaway net monitor for emplyees

Above is the guide to register Net Monitor for Employees copyrighted software, which helps you to manage local computers, computers in remote network via IP. To be more precise, this is surveillance software rather than pure remote control Teamviewer or some similar software.

To control the computer remotely, nowadays, you can use your own smartphone to do it, control the computer with your phone through applications available on windows, now developed on the system. Operating for phones like Android, iOS, you will easily control your computer by phone thanks to these applications.


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