(Giveaway) Register UltimateZip copyright, compress, extract zip files professionally on January 17

(Giveaway) Register UltimateZip copyright, compress, extract zip files professionally on January 17

UltimateZip software supports file compression and zip file decompression speed and accuracy. Copyright registration with taimienphi.vn UltimateZip today January 17, 2015

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UltimateZip Strong support for compressing and unzipping zip files and other file formats. The large files after being compressed by UltimateZip will be smaller in size, making it easier to share and copy.

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UltimateZip supports extracting files including ZIP, GZIP, TAR, GZ, RAR … In addition, the ability to repair corrupted UtimateZip and SFX files is also the strength of UtimateZip.

License period UtimateZip until 15:00 on 17/1/2015. If you have not registered the license UtimateZip in time, you can download and use many free software that supports compressing and decompressing files effectively on ElectrodealPro such as 7 Zip, ExtractNow, Best Self Extractor

How to apply for a license UtimateZip

License period UtimateZip until 15:00 on 16/1/2015

Step 1: Download the software UtimateZip

Step 2: Install and license UtimateZip

– Get the Giveaway Code Here

– At the main interface, choose Help -> Register (key icon) -> Enter Giveaway Code and any Name (your name for example) -> Select Register

– Program interface

Use of copyright UtimateZip helps you to compress and decompress Zip files and other formats simply and effectively


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