(Giveaway) Register Advanced Recent Access copyright, manage computer files and folders from March 21

(Giveaway) Register Advanced Recent Access copyright, manage computer files and folders from March 21

Register for free software copyright Advanced Recent Access will help you make full use of the advanced features to assist you in your work File management, data and open folders on your computer, laptop. Through that, you can easily know the path, size as well as modify some information or delete those files and folders.

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Advanced Recent Access software gives users quite a few features around work File management, open folders on your computer, laptop. With Advanced Recent Access, you can manage dozens of open files and folders on your desktop.

giveaway advanced recent access

(Giveaway) Register Advanced Recent Access copyright, manage computer files and folders

Advanced Recent Access displays information about files of all formats in your computer. such as property name, size, path, creation date, last updated date. Sort by order and many other useful features.

To own the copyrighted version of Advanced Recent Access you will need to pay a fee $ 29.99. However register during the word March 21, 2018 next April 19, 2018You will receive the free Advanced Recent Access license version with full advanced features. Along with ElectrodealPro learn about how Copyrighted by Advanced Recent Access through the instructions below.

How to register for free Advanced Recent Access

Registration time for Advanced Recent Access copyright is until 15:00 on April 19, 2018

Step 1: You guys download Advanced Recent Access to my computer
Step 2: Install and license Advanced Recent Access

– You guys come in Here get information Giveaway Code
Install Advanced Recent Access as usual and start the Advanced Recent Access software
– At the interface, you choose License -> Select Input License ….

– Import Giveaway Code -> select Ok

– Next you enter Registered name and choose OKYou will need to confirm one more time

giveaway advanced recent access

– Successful registration of Advanced Recent Access!

The image of the software after successfully registering Giveaway copyright

With Advanced Recent Access license, you will be able to manage open folders, text files, videos, images on your computer screen. Besides, with the delete junk files Regularly will help the computer operate stably with higher performance.

If you have not registered for Advanced Recent Access copyright, you can consult and download many other free software available on ElectrodealPro such as FreeCommander … With FreeCommander, you will be supported to manage files and files in the most effective way


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