(Giveaway) LinkCollector royalty free, bookmark storage

(Giveaway) LinkCollector royalty free, bookmark storage

Need to store multiple web pages on bookmarks of many different browsers? That number is increasing day by day. Let LinkCollector do it for you. Sign up today to get free Giveaway Code LinkCollector from VSC Software publisher!

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LinkCollector Support for storing bookmarks on popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and HTML files. Every time you save websites on bookmarks. LinkCollector will automatically synchronize those links into your interface.

LinkCollector allows you to find links in your archive list, save you time searching and quickly browse to that website. In addition, LinkCollector helps you to browse broken URLs as well as existing links and replacement new links.

Copyright LinkCollector has a price 19.95 $. Sign up today January 13, 2014You will receive a free Giveaway Code from the publisher.

How to register copyright LinkCollector

(Note: Time to register for LinkCollector copyright until 15:00 on January 13, 2014)

Step 1: Download the software LinkCollector

Step 2: Use Winrar decompression software to unzip the downloaded file (If you do not have Winrar software, please click here. Winrar)

+ Install file Setup.exe. You unzip At the default C drive

+ Run the program in C drive default file: C: linkcollector

Program licenses are built into the installation process. You just need to install it and you can use the copyright LinkCollector

+ Program interface

Good luck!


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