(Giveaway) iFile Recovery software, Computer data recovery from 23/2

(Giveaway) iFile Recovery software, Computer data recovery from 23/2

Computer data loss is not desirable, but if you fall into the above situation, what do you do when the computer data recovery software only gives you a few GB of free space. Therefore, you should use iFile Recovery software with the free license registration guide of ElectrodealPro below.

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iFile Recovery will assist users to recover computer data, text files, files to compressed files that you have “shift + delete” or mistakenly formatted. iFile Recovery is also very easy to use when with just a single click you can perform data recovery, including deep scan – deep scan like software. recuva used to own.

giveaway ifile recovery

Activating the license iFile Recovery will help you use all the features of the software, and of course, it is simple to use for free instead of having to spend. $ 29.95. To do that, simply read this article and follow the instructions from today February 23, 2017 to February 25, 2017 Come on.

Guide to registering iFile Recovery software, recovering computer data

Giveaway code iFile Recovery time will end at 3pm on 25/2/2017

Step 1: First, readers need to download the software here: Download iFile Recovery.

Step 2: Since iFile Recovery software has a built-in copyright, it’s very simple, you just have to install as usual,

giveaway ifile recovery

However, readers need to pay attention because iFile Recovery needs the right to run the Administrator to work. Right click select the software icon Run As Administrator Please.

giveaway ifile recovery

Finally, you can proceed to recover files as usual with the copyrighted software.

giveaway ifile recovery

Above is the registration guide for iFile Recovery software, with iFile Recovery software will definitely help you recover lost files, parts that you have not backed up the system in time or back up data. Hopefully, through the article on ElectrodealPro you can read a useful software to help you in work and study.

Good luck.


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