(Giveaway) HitFilm 2 Express royalty free, professional filmmaker

(Giveaway) HitFilm 2 Express royalty free, professional filmmaker

Currently there are many professional clip, video or movie maker applications. HitFilm 2 Express is one of those applications. Sign up today to receive a free Giveaway Code from the FXHOME publisher

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HitFilm 2 Express support you to make movies with many unique and powerful special effects. All the effects you see in Hollywood blockbusters, will be integrated in HitFilm 2 Express. You will have a variety of effects to choose from in your own style

HitFilm 2 Express allows you to edit videos as well as insert visual and audio effects into your videos. With more than 100 effects in the library, surely HitFilm 2 Express will give you a lot of excitement

To own the copyright of HitFilm 2 Express, you need to spend up to $ 149.00. However, sign up today January 23, 2014 until date February 4, 2014You will receive a free Giveaway Code from the FXHOME publisher

How to register copyright HitFilm 2 Express

(Note: Copyright registration period HitFilm 2 Express until 15:00 on 4/2/2014)

Step 1: Depending on the operating system you are using, you download the free HitFilm 2 Express version

– For Windows 64bit: HitFilm 2 Express

For Mac OS X: Here

Step 2: You guys come in Here to sign up for the Giveaway Code

+ In the new browser window, you choose Share On Twitter

– Then the window pops up again, you will receive a registration sheet, fill in your information and select the corresponding operating system (Example as shown below)

– Click: Download now

+ To Email registered: You click Confirm & download

+ At the new browser window, you will receive a Giveaway Code from the publisher

Step 3: Install and use Giveaway Code now Step 2 to register copyright HitFilm 2 Express

Using HitFilm 2 Express to make Hollywood blockbusters easy, you will have your own library of action movies when using effects in HitFilm 2 Express.


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