(Giveaway) Get Watermark Software copyright, professional photo editing on the computer from August 19

(Giveaway) Get Watermark Software copyright, professional photo editing on the computer from August 19

AoAo Watermark Software is a software suite that integrates many professional image editing functions for your photos. With Watermark Software, you can easily edit photos, apply copyright stamps as well as add effects to a beautiful photo like no different when using a professional camera. Currently, Watermark Software is in the time of giving copyright from publisher AoaoPhoto Digital Studio. Quickly register Watermark Software with ElectrodealPro

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Watermark Software supports creating watermarks, copyrighting images, resizing, converting color images to black and white … To register for Watermark Software, you follow the instructions below. ElectrodealPro.

How to register copyright Watermark Software

The activation code is only valid before 08/28/2016
Does not support updating to new version

Step 1: You are here to download and get your Giveaway Code Watermark Software

Step 2: Install Watermark Software

– Run the installation file -> You choose next

– Choose I Agree

– Select installation directory and Select Install

Choose Tremor -> Select finish to run Watermark Software smoothly

Registered copyright Watermark Software

You select the key icon in the interface

Choose Enter License

Enter Giveaway -> Select Register -> Select OK is done

Main interface of Watermark Software

Experience the 5 main features of Watermark Software

1. Insert text into image

Waternark Software allows you to write text on your images with different font, color and size options.

2. Change photo information

You can easily change and add information to your photos such as: Author’s name, keywords …

3. Photo stamp

This is a feature that is loved by many users because copyright stamp for an image showing your ownership of that photo.

4. Convert images to black and white

A color photo will quickly turn black with this feature from Watermark Software

5. Increase or decrease the image size, without losing quality

If your photos are too large, uploading to social networks like Facebook, Twitter … is very difficult, please apply this feature of

Watermark Software, your photos will be reduced to the lowest possible size, and surprisingly, the quality of the photos will remain

With 5 remarkable features above of Watermark Software, you definitely want to own this software right away. Wish you have beautiful pictures as you like


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