(Giveaway) Taimienphi.vn donated copyright ZWCAD + 2015, professional graphic design

(Giveaway) ElectrodealPro donated copyright ZWCAD + 2015, professional graphic design

ElectrodealPro cooperates with Pacisoft Vietnam company to give Taimienphi readers software copyright ZWCAD + 2015This program is suitable for designers, builders, students, students studying construction, graphics and architecture. Please quickly register to own this valuable software offline.

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It is possible that at present, when users refer to graphics drawing software, they will immediately think of AutoCad or 3ds Max … all are famous parts of the publisher Autodesk, but to use AutoCad good 3ds Max …, the user’s computer configuration must be really great. At the same time with the great cost of equipping Autodesk copyright is even more difficult. ZWCAD + 2015 meets professional requirements for engineers and designers with high ability to handle the work and performance. At the same time, it helps businesses and users save the cost of equipping the license with reasonable prices. Direct support from experts in Vietnam and the world 24/7. Thus, it can be seen that ZWCAD + has brought users & businesses a new choice to optimize their work and peace of mind to develop their business, create amazing drawings, architectures and products.

6-month license valid 60USD and 1 year is valid 120USD. The licenses were given to users as a thank and gratitude to Taimienphi readers during the past time. At the same time, it helps readers to experience the product in the most authentic and full-featured way.

license zwcad 2015 free

ZWCAD + 2015 is currently the latest version of developer ZWSOFT, with a lot of added features to best support users in drawing and designing technical drawings. ZWCAD + 2015 Allows users to create and edit 2D drawings, 3D models … in addition to many other features to help users customize their work more creatively.

ZWCAD + has moderate capacity, installation is also much easier than software of the same function. ZWCAD + offers users a lot of features to promote creativity in single work as well as effectively teamwork. Customizable, comfortable interface for students, students as well as engineers in the construction, engineering, and design industries. With the increasing number of users, ZWCAD + is considered to be one of the formidable competitors in the 2D and 3D drawing design software market.

Download and install ZWCAD + 2015

Registration form to receive copyright ZWCAD + 2015

(The registration period for software copyright has ended, we will update the list of copyrighted readers at 12am on June 18, 2015)

More information about the program
Programme ElectrodealPro in collaboration with Pacisoft Vietnam donates copyright ZWCAD + 2015
Registration period June 10, 2015 through June 17, 2015
Participants All readers of ElectrodealPro
Present 100 License ZWCAD + Pro 6 months + 10 License ZWCAD + Pro 1 year
How to calculate copyright recipients Registered readers, X-Media randomly selects copyright recipients through random.org
Time to publish results ElectrodealPro will announce the results you receive 12 o’clock day June 18, 2015
Time to submit copyright From June 19, 2015 – June 22, 2015
License submission method ElectrodealPro will send licenses to lucky readers by email
Features with special attention to ZWCAD + 2015

Full DWG format support
The drawing files, blueprints of the program are saved in .dwg format. If you use AutoCAD or any other software that supports this format, you can open it. In addition to .dwg, ZWCAD + also supports saving to .dxf, dwf and dwt formats

ZWCAD + is fully compatible with Mainstream CAD platforms
ZWCAD + has an interface including menus, toolbar, command line windows, dialog boxes … it can be said that the program’s interface is quite similar to the Windows interface.

ZWCAD + supports many Windows operating systems
ZWCAD + Runs well on any Windows platform like Win 7, Wind 8.1 good Win 10

ZWCAD + 2015 has stable dynamic performance, the program takes up less memory space no matter how many drawings you open. It can be seen that ZWCAD + 2015 is the perfect and stable choice for individuals as well as design and construction companies.


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