(Giveaway) DocLock copyright, computer data security from 04/05

(Giveaway) DocLock copyright, computer data security from 04/05

Computer data security is always a sensitive issue that should be at the forefront when there are always dangers around us, data can be stolen and stolen at any time if we Italy. That is why DocLock, a computer data security software that allows us to lock computer files to prevent the intrusion from strangers and ensure absolute safety when possessing copyrighted software with all of them. premium features.

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DocLock is the best data security software, the most stable operation and of course it’s also very easy to use whether you know about the computer or not. The way it works is quite similar to Folder Lock when it focuses on data encryption, prevent intrusion and of course with a copyrighted software, DocLock is much better than Folder Lock when supporting file formats, small files.

giveaway doclock mien phi

In addition to setting a computer password, this can be considered as the second defense step for your computer. Of course, if you combine both password setting and data security, your computer will become invulnerable.

DocLock software is currently priced $ 29.95 But as mentioned above you will be completely free from May 4, 2017 to May 6, 2017 never mind. So hurry up and download this number 1 computer data security copyright software.

Main features of the software:

– Lock, create password to protect files
– Hide passwords in many image formats
– Prevent access and theft of documents
– Share via email locked documents
– Secure file deletion, clean free hard disk space

Guide to registering for DocLock software copyright.

The DocLock 2016 Giveaway code period will end at 15:00 on May 6, 2017

Step 1: Download data security software, create DocLock password here: Download DocLock.

– Next to receive free copyright control, you press COME IN.

Step 2: Proceed to install and activate the software copyright.

– After the installation is complete, open the software and click REGISTER , enter the license key then reboot to unlock all the features.

giveaway doclock mien phi

-And then use DocLock to encrypt your data only.

giveaway doclock mien phi

With DocLock in your computer, securing your data is a small thing, you will feel more secure when you put your computer in a work environment or let someone borrow your computer without fear of them discovering. data your important data. However, you must also pay attention to creating a password for the file, keep in mind these passwords in case you forget it, it is very annoying. Or use the folder hiding software like Hide Folders for example is also very useful.



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