Giveaway) Copyright USB Lock, usb security software from October 28

Data security not only for computers but also peripherals such as USB need to be protected. With copyrighted software USB Lock will help you securely protect your data and only when you enter the correct password will the class usb security just open, register now USB Lock royalty free for absolute safety protection of your peripherals.

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Nowadays, the security and encryption of the usb are also very interested. Among them then Protect My Disk USB Lock is also inherited a lot from this software, and possesses simple but effective security technologies.

giveaway usb lock mien phi

Copyright USB Lock, usb security software

On USB Lock allows you to operate simply but still complete the process usb securityAbsolutely safe, although it does not possess advanced features, but if you simply want to protect the USB at a basic level, this is a great choice, especially this is also copyrighted software. .

Currently, USB Lock is priced $ 24.99 But you won’t have to lose 1 penny from October 28, 2016 to October 30, 2016. Very simple, you just need to follow the instructions below to receive the license code giveaway and activate the software only.

Instructions to register USB Lock copyright, usb security software.

USB Lock Giveaway code time will end at 3pm on 10/30/2016

Step 1: First you need to download the USB Lock software here: USB Lock

Then press COME IN to receive the giveaway code.

Step 2: Proceed to install the USB Lock software and activate the copyright.

During the installation process, select the USB drive and Next

giveaway usb lock mien phi

Click Next to continue

Then click Finish to complete the process.

giveaway usb lock mien phi

Click Finish to complete the installation.

Click on Register to enter the license code giveaway.

giveaway usb lock mien phi

Click on Register to enter the giveaway code

Enter the correct giveaway code you received above and Submit.

giveaway usb lock mien phi

Click Submit to confirm

The Success message appears, so you have successfully activated.

giveaway usb lock mien phi

Click OK to close

Now please set a password for your usb only.

giveaway usb lock mien phi
Above, ElectrodealPro instructed you to enable USB Lock, a lightweight and very effective usb security software. Just a few steps, you can set the usb password, protect your usb from data theft and of course you must also remember when set usb password Please memorize a file in case you forget it.


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