(Giveaway) Copyright Perfect Keyboard, creating macros and shortcuts from June 13

(Giveaway) Copyright Perfect Keyboard, creating macros and shortcuts from June 13

Perfect Keyboard is software create macros, allowing the creation of keyboard shortcuts based on the user’s repetitive actions. In addition, Perfect Keyboard software also supports creating macros of key combinations, helping users to manipulate programs faster, and create long commands as they want.

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Perfect Keyboard is the software for those who want to operate the keyboard faster, want to use multiple commands or long commands, keystrokes on the keyboard with only 1 keypress made by macros. Creating macros on the keyboard has been around for a long time, but mostly on expensive keyboards, while using software, we have Hot Keyboard Pro. Software Hot Keyboard Pro is a famous macro creation tool known and used in recent years. Also in this article, ElectrodealPro would like to introduce readers to another tool with superior and easy features. create macros with just a little bit of knowledge and self-discovery.

giveaway perfect keyboard mien phi

Perfect Keyboard is currently on sale at a price $ 29.95 But it won’t cost you a penny June 13, 2016 to June 15, 2016 And you just need to follow the following instructions to receive the Perfect Keyboard software license code giveaway.

Instructions to activate the Perfect Keyboard software license giveaway

Perfect Keyboard Giveaway code time will end at 15:00 on June 15, 2016

Step 1: You can download Perfect Keyboard here: Perfect Keyboard

Step 2: Instructions for activating the giveaway and installing Perfect Keyboard.

Since the giveaway is built into the software, you just need to install Perfect Keyboard.

Press I Accept to continue with the installation.

giveaway perfect keyboard mien phi

Select the path of the software to install, if you do not want to leave it.

giveaway perfect keyboard mien phi

Click Install to install.

giveaway perfect keyboard mien phi

Installation is complete, let’s start creating basic macros.

giveaway perfect keyboard mien phi

Above, ElectrodealPro finished instructing you how to activate the free Perfect Keyboard license, the software to create macros and shortcuts on your computer. Hopefully, this software will help you operate on the computer faster, in addition, when you study more deeply about the macro creation software, you will find that automating with macros is extremely simple and handy.

In addition, if you often use Excel, you must also know that creating macros in Excel is very necessary in case you need to do long spreadsheets. And readers can see how create macros in excel For more on this helpful tip.


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