(Giveaway) Copyright kybernet, file encryption from 11/5

(Giveaway) Copyright kybernet, file encryption from 11/5

Kybernet It is a versatile software with a lot of custom manipulation but does not need much skills and use from users such as file encryption, notes or advanced file security. Currently the software is being giveaway code for free, follow the article below to know how to activate this software copyright.

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Kybernet is not a versatile software with many outstanding features compared to individual software. In particular, encryption is one of the main capabilities of Kybernet when using the most advanced encryption technology like Security Plus. With Security Plus Your file will be almost absolutely safe, so does Kybernet with File encrytions. And what’s more, not only file encryption, there are many other features you can explore.

giveaway kybernet free of charge

With Kybernet software that allows you to automatically run any software on your computer through preset schedules or through command prompt if you use it frequently. There is also the ability to store passwords. With Kybernet you can replace a lot of software and utilities in your computer.

Currently, Kybernet is getting a free 2-day license code giveaway from May 11, 2016 to May 13, 2016 instead of buying at a price 20 $ as always. Quickly own this wonderful automation software.

Guide to activate the Kybernet license, computer automation.

The Kybernet Giveaway code time will end at 15:00 on May 13, 2016

Step 1: First you can download Kbernet here: Download Kybernet

Readers can click come in to receive the giveaway code.

Step 2: Install the software as usual.

Open the software and select Settings.

giveaway kybernet free of charge

Click on Settings to enter the giveaway code

Then select Enter Key.

giveaway kybernet free of charge

Click on Enter key

Enter the correct giveaway code and confirm OK.

giveaway kybernet free of charge

Enter the correct giveaway code received

Then you can go back and use the software with full features copyright already.

giveaway kybernet free of charge

Above is the article to activate the copyrighted software kybernet to automate command execution, help you reduce computer operations as well as save more time with some pre-programmed activities, and in addition. Note feature is also very good. However, if you really need a full featured note-taking software, you can create an account and use Evernote right away. This is the top note-taking software for a lot of users. See more article ways create an account and use Evernote Please.


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