(GIVEAWAY) Copyright Heimdal Pro free, comprehensive computer protection from 6/4

(GIVEAWAY) Copyright Heimdal Pro free, comprehensive computer protection from 6/4

The following article will guide you how to register for a free license Heimdal PRO, a powerful and quite comprehensive anti-virus software that keeps your computer fully protected from viruses, malware and other malicious software. Please follow up.

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Heimdal Pro is a unique comprehensive computer protection and antivirus software that uses leading-edge technologies to detect and destroy viruses before they even reach your computer. The most special feature of Heimdal Pro software is that it can be used with other anti-virus software to double the security. So you can combine it with any anti-virus software like Kaspersky Antivirus or Avast Free Antivirus 2018. With Heimdal Pro being licensed for 6 months, you can combine with the software. Avast Latest Free Antivirus 2018 to turn your computer into a virus invulnerable place.

(GIVEAWAY) Registered for free Heimdal Pro, anti-virus software, computer protection

Possessing leading anti-virus technology and allowing users to run two anti-virus software in your computer in parallel to enhance protection, Heimdal Pro is the software that you should have in your computer. Currently Heimdal Pro is being sold at a price $ 22.00 but the publisher Heimdal Security is having a promotion giveaway free license Heimdal Pro 6 months for computers within 2 days from April 6, 2018 to April 7, 2018. Be quick and own this wonderful software to protect your computer.

HUghng dOkn install and register bShen rulesn free Heimdal Pro

The Heimdal Pro license registration period will end at 15:00 on April 7, 2018.

Step 1: Download Heimdal Pro version here: Heimdal Pro

You guys access COME IN to get the activation Giveaway Code

Step 2: Proceed to install

– You scroll down to refer to the terms of use of Heimdal Pro software and then click I Agree

Install Heimdal Pro

– You guys Click next To continue, Heimdal Pro does not support multiple languages, we let language are English (English) as default

Select the language to install Heimdal Pro

You continue to click next

Install Heimdal

– Here, you select the item I want to activate Heimdal Pro / Corp and enter the copyright giveaway code you received above into the empty box and click Activate

Enter the giveaway code to activate the free Heimdal Pro license

– You guys enter Email click on the blank box and click Activate

Enter the registration email to activate Heimdal PRO

– The system will notify the successful registration of Heimdal Pro copyright and use time, now you just need to install and use the last step.

Click Install to install.

– The installation of Heimdal Pro will complete in a moment

– You click Finish to finish installing Heimdal Pro

And now let’s experience the leading computer protection software Heimdal Pro for 6 months.

Above is the article about registration for free Heimdal Pro copyright with copyright giveaway code, hope the article helps you and wish you to protect your computer with the data in your computer safely. out you can refer to the top antivirus software 2018 best to combine with Heimdal Pro.


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