(Giveaway) Copyright free PCWinSoft 1AVCenter, recording audio, video

(Giveaway) Copyright free PCWinSoft 1AVCenter, recording audio, video

The publisher of PCWinSoft Systems is offering a Giveaway Code – free license for PCWinSoft 1AVCenter used for the earliest registered customers today

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With PCWinSoft 1AVCenterYou can record audio, record video from different sources such as: Webcam, DVR … The recorded audio and video are high quality and you can send them via Email or upload files via email. FTP

PCWinSoft 1AVCenter supports remote control of your desktop and Webcam, and it’s really easy to access, record video and audio.

PCWinSoft 1AVCenter license is sold at a price $ 99.95. If you sign up today November 8, 2013, you will not have to spend any money to own PCWinSoft 1AVCenter.

PCWinSoft 1AVCenter license registration guide

Step 1: Download the latest installation of PCWinSoft 1AVCenter to your computer: Download PCWinSoft 1AVCenter

Step 2: Sign up to receive Giveaway Code: You go to: Here

Fill out the information: In which:

+ First Name, Last Name: Your name

Email: Your primary mail

+ Enter the text (by number) to confirm -> Select next

Step 3: Program setting

After the installation is complete, the first time you start the program, you will receive a copyright registration notice. You choose Register

On the second screen, you select the first line

Next to the third screen: Enter the registered email in Step 2 and press Send REGISTRATION- KEY

-> go to Email to get Giveaway Code

You enter the Name and Giveaway Code on the 4th screen -> Click Authenticate to register

Program interface

Good luck!

(Note: Registration deadline is until 3pm this afternoon)


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