(Giveaway) Copyright free Image Merger .EXE, photo management on March 31

(Giveaway) Copyright free Image Merger .EXE, photo management on March 31

Download Image Merger.EXE to own a useful image management tool on your computer. Not only help you manage images effectively, but Image Merge.EXE also allows editing photos extremely quickly. Let’s receive Giveaway code to install and use the free software right away

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Image Merger .EXE is an application that can help you combine multiple images into a single image. With this tool, you can convert images from your computer, by combining them in a variety of ways.

You can combine either a single image together, or combine multiple images with a single image. The application works with a total of five file formats: PNG, TIF, GIF, JPG, BMP. You can drag and drop items directly to the main window, or add them using the browser function. Items cannot be deleted individually, but you can only delete the entire list.

Image Merger .EXE has proven to users that this is really a completely useful tool to manage images right on the computer and instantly edit those images with many different effects. If you have not registered the Image Merger .EXE right, you can use free image management software such as: Adebis Photo Sorter, Imagex, FastStone Image Viewer.

Download Adebis Photo Sorter
Download Imagex
Download FastStone Image Viewer

To own copyright Image Merger .EXE normally you need to spend $ 26.95. However sign up today from date March 31, 2015You will receive a free Image Merger .EXE license from the promotion.

Step 1: Download Image Merger .EXE

Step 2: You guys come in Here to sign up for the Giveaway Code

After downloading and installing Image Merger .EXE, you right click on it “Menu Option” and select “Enter Registration Code”

Step 3: The name you register in the entry “Registration Name” and enter the code Giveaway Code in that ElectrodealPro sent to you at Step 2 and choose “Active Product”

To check whether it has activated successfully, click on “Menu Options” at this point you won’t see it “Enter Registration Code” again

And here is the program interface after completion

The image management and editing with Image Merger.EXE helps you create your very own pictures to keep as souvenirs or for relatives and friends.


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