(Giveaway) Copyright free Batch File Renamer, renaming files from 11/29

(Giveaway) Copyright free Batch File Renamer, renaming files from 11/29

Download Batch File Renamer You already own a software file renaming, renaming files. With Batch File Renamer users can batch convert files or replace text, change lowercase to uppercase and vice versa. Both receive Giveaway code to install and use the free software immediately

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Batch File Renamer is software that helps users to rename files quickly and easily. It is also considered as one of the utilities aimed at providing a fast and effective method for renaming files. If before when you download solid renamer free to rename file now you can download the copyrighted Batch File Renamer but you will be using it completely free of charge. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, the user can quickly rename files. Not just renaming files, replacing text has also become a lot easier.

rename the file name by batch file renamer

Copyright free Batch File Renamer, rename file

To own copyright Batch File Renamer you usually need to spend 29 $. However sign up today from date November 29, 2016You will receive the free Batch File Renamer license from the promotion.

Batch File Renamer copyright registration guide for free, rename the file

Giveaway code Batch File Renamer time will end at 15:00 on December 1, 2016

Step 1: Download Batch File Renamer and install on computer

Step 2: You guys come in HERE to sign up to receive Giveaway Code

Next, you enter the Giveaway code in the section “Enter Activation Serial Code” enter and select “Activate License” to begin Acitvate then click OK to complete the Activate process.

rename file, rename file

And here is the interface of the program after completion

rename file, rename file

Today’s article ElectrodealPro has sent you the Giveaway Code of Batch File Renamer copyright. With Batch File Renamer you will no longer worry about having to rename batch files without following your wishes. You will arrange the file system, files in the machine in a more optimal way.


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