(Giveaway) Copyright ePix Wallpaper Calendar, desktop wallpaper 17/6

(Giveaway) Copyright ePix Wallpaper Calendar, desktop wallpaper 17/6

ePix wallpaper calendar is the software that allows us to change the desktop wallpaper on the computer, laptop according to the ocean theme, integrated with the familiar date display widgets, very suitable for the hot summer heat. With ePix wallpaper calendar, the ocean will fit neatly on your computer

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ePix Wallpaper Calendar is an interesting software to change the desktop wallpaper, very suitable for use in the hot season. Like the beautiful sea wallpapers for the computer that ElectrodealPro introduced earlier. However sets Beautiful sea wallpaper for computer It is simply a combination of pictures and ePix Wallpaper Calendar is a software and does more by allowing you to directly edit the display of the date widgets, allowing screenshots and important. Especially, it allows changing the wallpaper as you like, in addition, the software always updates the fastest the themes and wallpapers on your computer in the fastest way.

giveaway epix wallpaper calendar mien phi

ePix Wallpaper Calendar is currently on sale at a price $ 14.50 but from today June 17, 2016 to June 19, 2016 You will have the opportunity to receive a free giveaway code to activate the ePix Wallpaper Calendar software license. Just follow the instructions below of ElectrodealPro that can own this extremely useful software giveaway code.

Instructions to activate Copyright ePix Wallpaper Calendar

Giveaway code ePix Wallpaper Calendar period will end at 15:00 on June 19, 2016
Giveaway code is attached in the software, you just need to install and use

Step 1: Firstly, readers can download ePix Wallpaper Calendar here: ePix Wallpaper Calendar.

Step 2: Install ePix Wallpaper Calendar and use the software.

Software ePix Wallpaper Calendar you install as usual, after opening the software you will see Images section. This is the copy you choose as well as changing the wallpaper directly on the computer.

giveaway epix wallpaper calendar mien phi

Next is the Design that allows you to change the Modules and widgets that are most appropriate for you. Also can change display fonts, sizes types.

giveaway epix wallpaper calendar mien phi

The last part is Options which allows you to change the size and size of iCon as well as preset hot keys.

giveaway epix wallpaper calendar mien phi

As a result, you get a unique set of sea theme wallpapers for hot summer

giveaway epix wallpaper calendar mien phi

Above, ElectrodealPro has finished instructing you how to activate ePix Wallpaper Calendar software that allows you to change the unique sea wallpaper on the computer desktop screen, laptop. In addition to ePix Wallpaper Calendar, you can also refer to the beautiful high quality desktop wallpapers that ElectrodealPro once introduced to you. These desktop wallpaper This synthesis of many themes and scenery ensures you will enjoy.


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