(GIVEAWAY) Copyright Dr.Folder, Change folder icon from 30/11

(GIVEAWAY) Copyright Dr.Folder, Change folder icon from 30/11

Owning copyright software Dr.Folder To change all Folder icons on your computer, make it unique from the icons on your computer.

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Dr.Folder will help you redecorate the boring network folders, with a series of unique icon sets built in, in addition with the Dr.Folder license giveaway you can download thousands more. Different icons make their own unique patterns like icon changer, but especially does not weigh on the device. If you have ever used it icon changer surely will know the great advantages it brings, with Dr.Folder as well.

An extremely lightweight and unique folder decoration software is priced 29 $ but currently Dr.Folder is getting a license giveaway for the computer within 2 days from November 30, 2016 to December 2, 2016. Hurry up and register and own this interesting software.

Instructions for registration program copyright Dr.Folder

The registration period for Dr.Folder license will end at 15:00 on December 2, 2016.

Step 1: Download Dr.Folder software: Download Dr.Folder

To get the copyright giveaway code, you click COME IN

Step 2: After Dr.Folder download is complete, proceed to install as usual.

Open Dr.Folder software and click on Help> Enter Registration Key.

Click on the Registration Key to enter the giveaway code.

Fill in the exact registration name and giveaway code you received above.

Enter the giveaway information you received

When this message appears, you have successfully activated Dr.Folder with a copyright giveaway code.

Restart the software to enable full features.

Go to Help> About again to see the activation status.

Copyright activated.

Now you can freely change folder icons with thousands of options.

With the successful registration of Dr.Folder license, perhaps you will take a little more time to make your computer more beautiful or look more logical with the icon change and with the huge icon resource that the software brings. It will surely satisfy anyone to use. In addition to changing the icon for the folder you can also change the desktop icon, please refer more at ElectrodealPro.


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