(Giveaway) Copyright Alfa ebooks Manager, book management software from 3/6

(Giveaway) Copyright Alfa ebooks Manager, book management software from 3/6

Alfa ebooks Manager is an effective software for managing books on your computer. Use Alfa Ebooks Manager You will be provided with features such as sorting your e-books by categories, authors, quantity …. quick book search. Together with Taimienphi register and install copyright Alfa ebooks Manager.

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Alfa ebooks Manager is not a popular software genre, it focuses on those who love to read books on electronic devices such as laptops, computers, smartphones or tablets. But for those who are passionate about reading stories, novels, this is really great software, just like Caliber was used in the past. About the interface then Caliber and Alfa ebooks Manager has a quite similar interface, but in terms of features, Alfa ebooks Manager is much better, with many built-in online features, not only helping you to manage books but also search online book stores. online immediately.

giveaway alfa ebooks manager free

In this premium version Alfa ebooks Manager goes badly with unlimited book storage capabilities, quick search and filter. Divide books according to tags and titles. Manage covers, view books in 3d format or even listen to audio at the end of the book. Also allows live web updates, ebook editing and Kindle management.

Alfa ebooks Manager is currently on sale for a price 19.95 $ however during this time, from day to day June 3, 2016 to June 9, 2016 You will be using the free Alfa ebooks Manager license with a genuine code giveaway. To own the software copyright giveaway code, please follow the instructions below of ElectrodealPro.

Guide to activating copyright Alfa ebooks Manager

The Alfa ebooks Manager Giveaway code time will end at 15:00 on June 9, 2016
The software has a built-in giveaway code, so you just need to install. After downloading the software, click to install it.

Step 1: Readers can download Alfa ebooks Manager software here: Alfa ebooks Manager

Step 2: Activate the software license code giveaway.

giveaway alfa ebooks manager free

Then select the folder, Just me and Next until the installation is complete.

giveaway alfa ebooks manager free

The final step is to open the Alfa ebooks Manager and use it.

giveaway alfa ebooks manager free

As noted above, Alfa ebooks Manager has a very similar interface to Caliber.

giveaway alfa ebooks manager free

Above, ElectrodealPro has completed to guide you how to activate the copyright Alfa ebooks Manager, I hope this will be a useful software for those who are passionate about ebooks. So from this word you do not need to worry about your book types, your ebook file is gone.

In addition to book management, you should refer to how to manage files on your computer to make your computer more compact, this software has a very smart way to manage the background ElectrodealPro would recommend to you. See how Smart file management on the computer.


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