(Giveaway) Copyright Advanced SystemCare 12, optimizing, speeding up computer system efficiency
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(Giveaway) Copyright Advanced SystemCare 12, optimizing, speeding up computer system efficiency

ElectrodealPro would like to send you free copyright Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro versions, one of the best known, most effective system optimization software. Follow instructions on how to register for a free license of Advanced SystemCare 12 through the article below of you.

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Advanced SystemCare 12 is an All in One system optimization software and very easy to use. Advanced SystemCare 12 supports cleaning, optimizing, speeding up and protecting your system as well as ensuring your personal information is always safe when accessing the Internet.

giveaway you are free advanced systemcare 12

Instructions for registering free copyright Advanced SystemCare 12

To own the Advanced SystemCare 12 license you will need to spend a sum of money $ 14.77. However, currently the IObit publisher is having a promotion giving away the free copy of Advanced SystemCare 12 in 6 months when signing up today June 20, 2019, quickly register for free copyright today through the instructions below to use Advanced SystemCare 12 with full features offline.

Instructions for registering free copyright Advanced SystemCare 12

Time Register for an Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro license can end at any time so please hurry to register now.

Step 1: Download Advanced SystemCare 12 to your computer at the following link

Download Advanced SystemCare 12

License Key Advanced SystemCare 12: 99DF7-A7229-5DD3E-F4C5N

Step 2: Register for a free license of Advanced SystemCare 12

– After installing Advanced SystemCare 12 successfully, you will see that the interface of the software is free version

giveaway ban you free advanced systemcare 12 2

– You click the button Activate Now yellow above or click on Enter the code at the lower right corner of the software interface.

– Next, you enter License Key provided above into the empty frame as described in the image and click Register Now

giveaway ban you free advanced systemcare 12 4

– You will receive a successful activation message click on Ok, got it to finish

giveaway ban you free advanced systemcare 12 5

– Next you can turn on all the functions of the Advanced SystemCare 12 software by clicking Turn on all Functions or maybe leave the default. Finally after finishing click OK, got it to start using Advanced SystemCare 12 software

giveaway ban you free advanced systemcare 12 6

Image of Advanced SystemCare 12 software when copyright is activated

giveaway ban you free advanced systemcare 12 7

Hopefully with the above article, you will be able to easily register for free copyright Advanced SystemCare 12 The success of your computer is always to achieve the highest performance.

What’s new in Advanced SystemCare 12:

+ Privacy Shield feature (Privacy Shield) protects important data of users against ransomware, phishing websites and spam.
+ Digital fingerprint protection (Digital Fingerprint Protection) protects users against unauthorized online tracking.
+ Built-in Junk File Clean to remove more files, including Windows 10 cache icon, Microsoft Office cache, Google Chrome logs and temporary files, redundant software files and download files unfinished.
+ New advanced Security Scan feature supports cleaning up the latest Chrome, Opera browsers, even Chromium and Facebook-based browsers.
+ The latest modified Homepage Advisor increases the ability to detect homepage modifications and search engines.
+ Improved Startup Manager shortens the boot time of your computer and supports removal of Microsoft Edge utilities.
+ Surfing Protection & Ads Removal supports Microsoft Edge and prevents cryptocurrency mining, advertising and malicious websites.
+ Improved Software Updater supports updating Spotify, Internet Download Manager and many other programs.
+ Performance Monitor optimally remembers the last opened position and customized window size.
+ Redesigned Turbo Boost switches between many different boost modes easily and quickly.
+ Completely new interface more intuitive, faster operation.
+ Support 32 languages.
+ And many other features waiting for you to discover.

Learn more about Advanced SystemCare 12

Advanced SystemCare 12 is a comprehensive, easy-to-use computer performance optimization software that cleans, optimizes, speeds up and protects your PC and ensures users’ privacy during online activities. . With just one click, you can easily remove junk files, redundant Registry entries, corrupted shortcuts, detect unauthorized tracking behavior, remove spyware, increase Internet speed, manage startup items. malicious and patched security holes such as fixing system errors.

Advanced SystemCare 12 adds many new features such as Sensitive Data Protection, Untrusted Program Blocker, Digital Fingerprint Protection and Cleanup. browsing data (Browsing Data Clean). Sensitive Data Protection & Untrusted Program Blocker has the ability to detect all confidential access to your data and automatically block access from suspicious programs. Digital Fingerprint Protection & Browsing Data Clean automatically blocks websites that steal your digital fingerprint and clears browsing data.

Besides the new feature, Advanced SystemCare 12 also improves most of the existing modules: Improved Performance Monitor that supports users to monitor RAM / CPU / Disk usage, CPU / GPU / Mainboard temperature and fan speed on PC in real time; Allows you to stop the process of using a lot of RAM / CPU / Disk to speed up the PC. The redesigned Turbo Boost intelligently stops unnecessary applications and services to speed up your computer. Advanced SystemCare 12 optimizes Surfing Protection & Ads- Removal, FaceID, Real-Time Protector, & Homepage Advisor to better protect computers against cryptocurrency mining, online malware, advertising, unauthorized access, modify the homepage and search engine, etc. Last but not least, Advanced SystemCare 12 also rebuilds and improves over 10 useful tools such as Startup Manager, Win Fix, Large File Finder, File Shredder, Registry Cleaner, Undelete & the default program to clean and optimize your computer.

In summary, Advanced SystemCare 12 allows users to unlock the full potential of their computers, helping to clean the system to make it faster and safer.



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