(Giveaway) Aimersoft Video Editor royalty free, video editing

(Giveaway) Aimersoft Video Editor royalty free, video editing

Aimersoft Video Editor application is known as one of the effective video processing and editing programs. Register today to own the copyright of Aimersoft Video Editor application.

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Aimersoft Video Editor supports video editing with many features and applies the most advanced image editing technologies today. The application integrates a background music library with different music themes as well as a combination of colorful and unique effects with introductions to help you get more choices for your video. become more unique and impressive

Besides video editing support, Aimersoft Video Editor also supports you to split video clips into separate videos, as well as merge videos into a single clip. Aimersoft Video Editor fully supports the popular video formats such as: AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV and VOB.

To own Aimersoft Video Editor copyright, you need to spend $ 35.00. However register today January 20, 2014, you will not have to spend any money to own Aimersoft Video Editor copyright

How to register Aimersoft Video Editor license

(Note: The registration period for Aimersoft Video Editor is until January 20, 2014).

Step 1: You download the free version Aimersoft Video Editor

Step 2: To register to receive Giveaway Code, you go to Here

+ In the new browser window, enter Name (your name) and Email (your primary email). Then choose Get it Free

+ Go to Email to receive Giveaway Code (Remember to check Mail in Spam folder)

Step 3: Install and use Email and Giveaway Code now Step 2 to register Aimersoft Video Editor license

Program interface


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