Give me coffee and the rest is free! Modified KAWASAKI “ER6N”


After the “CB650 Pitbull” modified on the basis of HONDA CB650 won several awards in the “2019 Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod & Custom Show” in 2019, the “AMS Garage” from Bali, Indonesia once again announced their latest A masterpiece to further consolidate its reputation in the world of modification.

This time, the founder of AMS Garage, Ajus Mulyawarman, brought to the world the “ER6N Bully” modified version based on the concept of Cafe Racer and the completely different style of KAWASAKI ER-6N.



Back in October last year (2019), this ER6N Bully made its debut at the Kustomfest event held in Yogyakarta, Java Island, Indonesia. Incredibly, the working hours of this ER6N Bully only took half the time of modifying the “CB650 Pitbull”, but the results were equally impressive.

In terms of performance, ER6N Bully uses the ER6N water-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine with a maximum horsepower of 72ps. Only the exhaust pipe is modified. The original bottom exhaust configuration is changed to a double-out tail section made of stainless steel. It is installed directly below the seat cushion to simplify the lower half of the car body.

The suspension part directly related to the handling performance is the ZX-10R inverted front fork with OHLINS single-gun rear shock and single rocker arm. It is worth mentioning that because there is no single rocker arm that can be used directly by ER6N, AMS Garage can only be installed after modification with Ducati Panigale single rocker arm.

Not only the single rocker arm, but also the rear wheel frame uses Panigale’s forged wheels with Metzeler’s skinless tires; although the engine maintains the original factory settings, the AMS Garage is a complete overhaul of the body.

Low-key luxurious metal exterior parts


Not surprisingly, ER6N Bully does not use any original appearance parts. All appearance kits are made of non-plastic materials, that is, metal materials handmade by professional craftsmen. These technologies also show that AMS Garage is in the modification industry. Super professional craftsmanship in China.

As the most conspicuous and indispensable part of Cafe Racer’s style, the bullet-shaped fairing adopts a design integrated with the side shield of the water tank and is equipped with LED circular lamps. It has a unique taste of retro and modern at the same time.

Not only is the bullet-shaped fairing unique, AMS Garage also created a set of arc-shaped metal bottom guards only a few millimeters away from the front wheel for ER6N Bully, plus a short version of the metal front soil removal, which brings weight to the front half of the body. As for the fuel tank and rear fairing that conform to the line of the rider’s knee, of course, they are also made of aluminum alloy.

Other small embellishments made by AMS Garage include the direction light mounted on the handle terminal, the license plate directly fixed to the single rocker arm, the straight-striped leather single seat cushion, and the separate handle from the ZX-10R. Allows the rider to be more aggressive when riding ER6N Bully.

As for the paint part, the only painted part is the frame, and the rest are all unpainted aluminum primary colors to emphasize the high quality of its metal exterior parts.

Perhaps HONDA created a new “Neo Sports Café” style with the CB1000R car series, but AMS Garage has a place in this style with the amazing ER6N Bully.


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