Get out of depression: Did you find the right path for yourself? This is a sponsored article. For more information on our Advertising and Sponsorship policies, please read more here.
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Get out of depression: Did you find the right path for yourself? This is a sponsored article. For more information on our Advertising and Sponsorship policies, please read more here.

If you do not try to get rid of depression, you will be overwhelmed by the “monster” in negative emotions. This affects the quality of life, making you miss the most valuable thing in life, which is your joy.

Hello Bacsi will work with you to learn about depression as well as the dangers of this disease and how to get rid of depression to find happiness and keep you optimistic and happy.

10 signs of depression that you shouldn’t overlook

Today, in order to accurately diagnose depression, people often rely on 10 typical signs, including:

  1. Feeling helpless and hopeless: You are always thinking of gloomy, dark, or even helpless prospects unable to do anything to improve your situation.
  2. Losing interest in daily activities: You are not interested in hobbies, social pleasures or past things like before. Doing things that interest you in the past don’t make you feel happy either.
  3. Appetite or weight change: Weight loss or losing weight gain is a sign of depression, especially if you change more than 5% of your body weight in a month.
  4. Sleeping habits change: You may suffer from insomnia, frequently wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to sleep again. Besides, some depressed people have a lot of sleep habits, they don’t seem to be eager to do anything but sleep.
  5. Easy to get angry or irritable: You always feel agitated, restless, or even violent thoughts arise. In addition, your endurance level also becomes lower than usual, accompanied by a temper. There doesn’t seem to be anything or someone who makes you feel good.
  6. Loss of energy, exhaustion: Fatigue, drowsiness and exhaustion are the feelings that always cling to people with signs of depression. Your whole body feels heavy, even the simplest process takes a long time to complete.
  7. Self-hatred: You harshly criticize yourself for past mistakes and feel worthless.
  8. Risky behavior: You suddenly want to engage in escape behaviors such as: Substance abuse, gambling, speeding or dangerous sports.
  9. Having trouble concentrating: You have difficulty concentrating, making decisions or having memory problems such as memory impairment, confusion, or forgetting …
  10. Unexplained aches and pains: The increase in physical conditions such as: Headache, back pain, muscle aches and stomach ache make you exhausted.

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Depression and health dangers

Depression like the invisible black shadow that goes beyond emotions makes your mental and physical health worse, if you don’t know how to get rid of depression, such as:

1. Weakened immune system

Long-term depression can weaken the immune system, leaving you susceptible to colds and flu. The reason is that stress hormones are produced and persist in the body. This explains why more and more people are complaining, they often suffer from colds and flu partly due to the fact that they are always faced with prolonged stress and depression.

2. Abnormal blood pressure

When depression occurs, your body produces stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. These stress hormones affect blood pressure and heart rate, causing the arteries to weaken. Thereby facilitating the formation of plaque in the arteries, interfering with the circulation of blood, eventually causing heart attacks and strokes.

3. Insomnia

Get rid of depression to have a good night's sleep

When you fall into depression, the feeling of boredom will always cling to, making it difficult for you to have a good sleep even after spending a long, exhausting day because the mind is still in a state of shortage. keep calm, keep thinking.

If you go to sleep, you will be more likely to wake up in the middle of the night, sleep deeply and have difficulty sleeping. Gradually, the decline in physical and mental health made depression worse.

4. Risk of heart disease

One of the reasons depression is so dangerous is that when you have it, you will have cardiovascular problems. If you have severe depression, the negative state can be fatal or a heart attack.

Experts explain that feelings of sadness, depression, or anger make your heart muscle more susceptible to inflammation due to lack of oxygen, which can lead to a heart attack. Therefore, patients with underlying heart disease should avoid negative thinking and seek to get rid of depression as soon as possible if diagnosed with the disease.

5. Weight, taste buds change

When you are struggling with depression, you will have two eating trends: Eat very much or eat very little. Changes in eating habits will lead to changes in metabolic mechanisms, affecting appetite, thereby leading to abnormal weight loss or gain.

6. Headache and back pain

Depression can make headaches and back pains appear more and more. Although not directly causing pain, depression leads to the consequences mentioned above such as: Weight gain, weight loss, lack of sleep … thereby facilitating the formation of headaches and back pain. .

7. Reduce libido

Long-term depression can make sex life more difficult, such as a marked decrease in libido. For men, the harmful effects of depression make it difficult for you to ejaculate, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. In women, pain may occur during intercourse because the vagina does not produce enough lubricant to make you feel tired.

8. Suicide

This is considered the most terrible consequence of depression, because more and more suicide cases are caused by depression. The reason is because depressed people always have a low self-esteem. They believe that they do not deserve to live, are redundant and easily replaced in society, which leads to a painful ending.

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Tell you how to get rid of depression

Remedy for depression

To regain joy in life, what many people are interested in is learning ways to get rid of depression effectively. Here are some simple suggestions for you:

Proactive connection

Loneliness is the ideal condition for depression to be more and more severe. So, be proactive in connecting and sharing the difficulties you’re facing with your friends and loved ones, even if you tend to deal with problems on your own and don’t want to be a burden to others. .

Simple actions, such as talking directly to someone about the anxiety or fear you are experiencing. Sometimes the person you talk to is not a person who can heal emotional wounds. The important thing is that they listen, do not be distracted by external factors or make criticisms, disparaging after conversations.

Exercise and sports

When you’re bored, the thought of getting out of bed seems impossible, let alone exercise, physical activity. In fact, experts claim regular exercise is an effective way to get rid of depression, not worse than taking medication. Start the movement routine by doing a short walk, swinging to the beat of the music or even doing an intense exercise. This small act will contribute to improving the quality of life later.

Eat mood-boosting foods

Certain types of nutrients or foods can adversely affect your mood, such as: Caffeine, alcohol, trans fat, sugar and refined carbs. Therefore, limit them and increase your mood-enhancing nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, dark green vegetables.

Using Kim Than Khang: The door helps you get rid of depression

kim kim khang

Today, the use of health food Kim Than Khang (*) is a trend that many people choose. Because this is a solution to improve depression, bringing outstanding advantages thanks to the combination of precious herbs, in which the combination is selected as the main ingredient, with the use of mind, sedative, and depressive medicine. , thereby relieving symptoms, preventing the progression of depression, especially when it helps to balance the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, providing essential nutrients to the brain, thereby preventing effectively prevent the occurrence of depression.

To enhance the effectiveness, Kim Than Khang also has the presence of precious herbal ingredients such as: Schisandra, Eucalyptus, Persimmons, Apple apples, etc., which help calm the nervous system, reduce fatigue and anxiety. sedation, suspense, bring deep sleep, prevent stress factors. The product is a unique herbal formula that both improves symptoms and affects the core cause of depression, while providing nutrients to the nervous system. Therefore, using Kim Than Khang daily is the secret to calm the mind, restore the body, help the depressed people to find joy in life.

(*) This food is not a medicine and has no effect as a substitute for medicament.

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