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Get One Of These Earthquake Kits and Be Prepared For When The “Big One” Hits

In 2018, there were 14,568 earthquakes worldwide. While most of the earthquakes experienced were between a magnitude 4-4.9, the possibility of more severe earthquakes is still very real, with 1,674 earthquakes of a 5-5.9 magnitude last year and 134 earthquakes that were a magnitude 6 and above. When an earthquake strikes, having access to an emergency kit that includes medical supplies and survival tools can be the difference between life or death.

In the past two decades, there have been more than 20 earthquakes that were a magnitude of 5.3 and higher in the US. Often thought of as a disaster that only affects California, since 1999, earthquakes have taken place in Alaska, Oklahoma, Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, and more. Earthquake kits are not only a must-have for people living in areas with high rates of earthquakes, but emergency kits can be used for a variety of disasters, both natural and man-made.

The emergency kits we’ve included below are not only full of life-saving items that will help in the case of an earthquake, but they can also save lives when a tornado, monsoon, hurricane, ice storm, or freezing rain engulfs an area. We like that these kits are portable and lightweight, making them the perfect addition to any home, car, cabin, or as an added item to take along on a camping, hiking or fishing trip.

While some of the kits we’ve included come with water and food with an extended shelf life, it’s always a good idea to have extra food and water reserves on hand in case of emergency. The food and water included in the kits are designed to be stored in a car for instances where residents find themselves in the middle of a disaster and far from home. If you are home when an earthquake hits, having a stockpile of food and water is ideal for being able to keep yourself and loved ones hydrated and fed.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe regardless of where you like with these life-saving earthquake kits.


1. Ready America Deluxe 4-Person Emergency Kit

Approved by the US Coast Guard, the Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit comes equipped with enough supplies to last four people for three days.

Pros: The Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit features everything you’ll need to care for four people in the first 72 hours after a disaster strikes. The robust kit features a 107-piece first aid kit, food, and water with a five-year shelf life, a power station and cell phone charger, 12-hour light sticks, hygiene supplies, work gloves, an emergency blanket and more.

Cons: The Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit is the most expensive kit on our list. Some customers noted that the included cell charger is for older models of iPhones.

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2. MFASCO Complete Emergency Response Trauma Bag

Assembled in the USA, the MFASCO Complete Emergency Response Trauma Bag features diagnostic tools, emergency dressings, and a comprehensive first aid kit that can be used in an emergency.

Pros: The MFASCO is the most comprehensive first aid kit on our list, with the EMT-style bag packed with bandages, wound care items, a variety of dressings, and diagnostic tools like a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, scissors that can cut through cloth, glucose gel for insulin reactions and more.

Cons: Unlike the Ready America, the MFASCO does not include food and water. It also doesn’t include things like work gloves, a flashlight, or a light stick like the Ready America.

MFASCO Complete Emergency Response Trauma Bag

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3. Ready America Emergency Kit 3-Day Backpack

Designed as an easy-to-carry backpack that comes with food, water, and a 33-piece first aid kit, the Ready America Emergency Kit has enough resources to sustain two people for three days.

Pros: The Ready America Emergency Kit is a smaller version of the Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit, with mostly the same items but on a smaller scale, including fewer multiples in the first aid kit and less food and water. This kit is ideal for people who live alone or are looking for a smaller bag that’s easier to transport and takes up less space.

Cons: Unlike the Deluxe kit, this one does not come with a flashlight, power source, or work gloves.

Ready America Emergency Kit 3-Day Backpack

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