Get free 7GB data for Corona season when buying online at FPT Shop
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Get free 7GB data for Corona season when buying online at FPT Shop

( In order to increase the utilities for customers when the Covid-19 epidemic is still happening quite stressfully and the limit of exposure and avoid infection is as at present, FPT brings a full promotion Useful for customers named “Not afraid of Corona, sitting at home to receive incentives”.

From February 17 to February 29, customers order online at the address and choose to buy technology products such as computers, tablets, phones and Apple products, will be offered 7GB of data used on the phone with many of the product’s incentives such as: interest installment payment 0% discount, discount 30% or more, ….

With 7GB donated, customers can use to communicate, surf the web so you can both spend time at home against the epidemic, and can browse the Internet less bored and more optimistic to get through this epidemic season. .

Especially, buying online at FPT Shop with delivery mode and home payment, fast delivery in 60 ‘will save you time, limit going to the street or meeting with crowded places.

The warranty, exchange and return when buying online is the same as when buying directly, customers can feel secure when shopping online at FPT Shop.

Access now To choose your favorite technology items and receive lots of incentives.

A lot of products with a discount of 600k compared to buying directly there.


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