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Germany strives to ease tensions with its US counterpart

The statement was made before the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall, and was also considered a move to ease tensions in bilateral relations over the past time.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

Speaking at a joint news conference after meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany "will never forget" America's role in the reunification and in fact , the two countries have become "close friends". Merkel also said at the meeting that she and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also discussed the conflict in Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and Libya.

For his part, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo affirmed that despite current global challenges, Washington still attaches great importance to the close relationship with Berlin. Pompeo emphasized that the United States and Germany will still work together to find solutions to international and regional challenges and issues of mutual concern.

The two-day visit to the head of US diplomats Mike Pompeo took place in the context of the relationship between Germany and the US – these two traditional allies were "deteriorating" when US President Donald Trump continued There are criticisms of Germany for issues such as trade, defense spending and immigration policy. In addition, the White House has always criticized Germany for its construction of a North Stream 2 gas pipeline with Russia, a project strongly supported by Russia and Germany. US President Donald Trump has accused Germany of being "imprisoned" by Russia for its energy dependence, and called for a halt to this $ 11 billion project.

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