Germany may set up its own fund to save Nord Stream-2

Germany may set up its own fund to save Nord Stream-2

(News 24h) – The German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern plans to support the completion of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline when the US wants to bury the project.

RT reported that members of the German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have recently issued a series of proposals to assist in facilitating the completion of Russia’s Nord Stream-2 pipeline project in the context of the US. stop efforts to punish this $ 11 billion gas project.

Duc can license the Nord Stream-2
The pipeline of Nord Stream-2 at the port of Sassnitz-Mukran (Germany). Photo: Welt

Accordingly, the government in this state has proposed the establishment of a “Fund for climate and environmental protection”. In a statement on Friday, the foundation said its aim is to carry out environmental projects as the country is trying to phase out coal power gradually, adding that the organization also has can “contribute” to the completion of the Nord Stream-2 project.

According to RT, the fund can help companies involved with the Nord Stream-2 project buy and store the equipment and materials needed for the construction of the pipeline.

As a result, it could protect companies from the sanctions threatened by Washington as they will not be directly involved in the energy project.

It is known that the said Fund has not yet received approval from the state parliament. If agreed, the regional government will transfer about 200,000 euros (about 245,000 USD) to the fund.

The operator Nord Stream-2-AG, a subsidiary of Russia’s Gazprom energy group, which is responsible for the Baltic pipeline project, has pledged to contribute € 20 million (approximately 24.5 million). USD) for funds and additional contributions after the pipeline goes into operation.

According to the operator Nord Stream-2-AG, the fund will contribute to the achievement of Germany’s climate goals and as part of interim operations will support the completion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. -2 to ensure a reliable natural gas supply. Further operation of the air transmission system will be carried out through the Nord Stream-2-AG.

“Nord Stream-2-AG welcomes the creation of a federal government fund Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,” the announcement said.

The state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is located in northeastern Germany on the Baltic coast and is home to the landing point of an underwater pipeline extending from Russia. The project is expected to double the capacity of the current Nord Stream pipeline to 55 billion cubic meters annually.

The German government has previously announced that it has considered the announcement of the establishment of a fund to support Nord Stream 2 and has not commented on the actions of land authorities. The views of the German authorities regarding Nord Stream-2 remain unchanged, as is the view regarding extraterritorial sanctions, targeting German and European businesses.

The completion of the Nord Stream-2 project is strongly supported by the German Parliament. The head of the German House of Representatives Committee for Economy and Energy Klaus Ernst urged not only to set up the Nord Stream 2 support fund, but to agree on measures in the European Union (EU).

“Regardless of the establishment of the Nord Stream 2 support fund, Germany and the EU still need to agree on what measures they can protect the project in the future against countries trying to intervene with sanctions. penalty against international law “- RIA news agency on 7/1 quoted Mr. Ernst.

Recently, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) confirmed that it has received a timetable for the continuation of Nord Stream 2.

“Gas pipeline work is scheduled to continue in Danish waters on January 15, 2021,” the statement said.

According to the documents, a temporary restricted zone will be created in a working area up to 200 meters in each direction from where the pipe is located. In these areas, undersea works, navigation, diving, anchoring and illegal fishing are prohibited.

Operator Nord Stream 2 AG said only 6% of the remaining pipeline will be completed, ie 120 km in Danish waters and 30 km in German waters.

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