Germany makes every effort to support Nord Stream-2

Germany makes every effort to support Nord Stream-2

On July 12, spokeswoman for the German Economy Ministry Beate Baron said that all permits to build the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline in Germany have been granted.

Nord Stream-2
Germany confirmed that the Nord Stream-2 project had been granted all construction permits a long time ago.

“All building permits have been issued – and have been for a long time. With regard to pipeline operations, the Federal Network Agency [cơ quan quản lý của Đức – ND] can assist in this matter,” the spokesperson said.

Nord Stream-2 AG Acting CEO Matthias Warnig, the operator of the pipeline project, said in an interview with Handelsblatt newspaper earlier that construction activities could be completed by August and the target The company’s goal is to start the pipeline as early as this year.

Mr. Warnig said: “Currently the work is 98% complete. We expect the pipe work to be completed by the end of August.”

According to Mr. Warnig, the project to bring gas from Russia to Germany will need about 3 months to receive various certificates and undergo tests.

This person confirmed, the company is making efforts to bring the project into operation this year.

The German-language Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung said that despite the criticisms of Nord Stream-2, the German government continues to strongly support the aforementioned gas transmission project. Their core argument lies in the fact that the pipeline is a purely commercial project, out of political intent.

Earlier, commenting on the German newspaper, Ukrainian experts made the assumption that Russia has sought to militarize the Nord Stream-2 pipeline.

Three Ukrainian experts including Mikhail Gonchar, Andrey Ryzhenko and Bogdan Ustimenko from the Center for Global Studies (Strategy XXI) published an article in the journal Chornomorska Bezpeka, based on the experience of Russian gas transportation projects. in the Black Sea.

These experts are concerned that Moscow will install a lot of military equipment (acoustic reconnaissance) along the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. Thanks to these devices, Russia will track surface ships as well as submarines of NATO allies. So this pipeline could weaken the Union’s advantage.

Even the aforementioned experts discovered that the Russian Federation has installed a hydroacoustic monitoring system in the northwestern part of the Black Sea and along the Turk Stream gas pipeline. . Therefore, the same will be done with Nord Stream-2.

Nord Stream-2
The Ukrainian expert believes that Russia has installed a hydrostatic monitoring system in the undersea gas pipelines.

Russian energy giant Gazprom is accused of using Delta-MGA safety systems and MGK-608 Sever passive sonar systems on undersea gas pipelines.

In addition, the Russians are also constantly improving their combat capabilities through submarines to cut off communication channels (Internet cables, broadband cables, telephone connections, power cables, pipelines) important to the country’s economy. Western economy at the right time.

All of this has made the West more cautious. NATO, even without being reminded by Ukraine, still considers the Nord Stream-2 project as a giant string of sensors that the Russian Army can use to cause great damage to the enemy in the future. However, the allegations made by the three Ukrainian experts also need more convincing evidence.

Before these news, the Russian press continues to deny and call this an attempt to sabotage the Nord Stream-2 gas supply project, which brings abundant supplies to Europe.

Meanwhile, the current authorities of Germany – Nord Stream-2’s most fervent supporter are not only skeptical of these allegations, but also openly ignore the aforementioned aspect.

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