Germany divided, the EU disagreed over the Nord Stream-2

Germany divided, the EU disagreed over the Nord Stream-2

Even in the German politics, there are also questions about the ability to complete the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

The head of the German House Foreign Policy Committee Norbert Röttgen, recently introduced the idea to discuss with Brussels, Moscow and Washington the postponement of completion of the Nord Stream-2 project.

Duc divided again, the EU started with Nord Stream-2
The German congressman proposed to suspend the Nord Stream-2 after the US-Germany call.

The negotiations will be aimed at ensuring the pipeline does not become “a geopolitical weapon against Eastern European countries.”

He emphasized that such a measure would not be a punishment, but a “pause”. According to him, the current situation surrounding Nord Stream-2 requires “permission.”

“The permission could be the same: the EU, Russia and the US agreed to suspend construction, but this time it was not a punishment, but a pause to initiate meetings,” he explained. The negotiations aim to dispel the West’s greatest concern, which is that the pipeline will be used as a geopolitical weapon against Eastern European countries. “

Meanwhile, speaking at an event on the same day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel strongly rejected US threats of imposing territorial sanctions on the Nord Stream-2 pipeline.

Ms. Merkel added that the Nord Stream-2 is a “controversial” project actively discussed in the European Union. She noted that this pipeline, as well as US sanctions against it, is seen on the agenda in negotiations with the new US administration Joe Biden.

The German Chancellor ensured that the EU has long been aware of US concerns that Nord Stream-2 will make Germany and other European nations dependent on Russian gas, by signing a Third Energy Pack. .

She further emphasized the importance of natural gas supplies as a “transitional fuel” for Berlin as the country is making efforts to abandon nuclear and coal-fired power plants for green energy source.

Many analysts said that Germany was completely able to persuade the new administration in the US to continue construction of the project.

The new US leadership intends to resolve the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline crisis and hinted at the possibility of partial lifting of the sanctions. It is said that Washington is waiting for specific proposals from Germany. At the same time, maintaining the role of transshipment of gas through Ukraine and reducing Europe’s dependence on Russian gas remains a priority for the new US administration in the issue of “European energy security”.

The US administration has previously urged the EU to buy US liquefied natural gas instead of Russian pipeline gas. However, when the EU ignored the call and embarked on a joint project with Russia, the White House threatened to impose sanctions on a number of companies working on building Nord Stream 2. America Also passed laws that impose sanctions against any organization that helps build pipelines, including by certifying or securing ships working on the project.

The sanctions have forced a number of companies to abandon the project, including Swiss enterprise AllSeas, which offers a pipelaying vessel for construction.

Pipeline operator Nord Stream AG later found a replacement ship, the Russian ship “Fortuna”, which will cover 10% of the final length of the pipeline.

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