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Germany argues with Europe about the Nord Stream-2


(News 24h) – The leader of the Party Majority in the German Parliament is dissatisfied with the way the European Parliament participates in the joint Russian-German economic project.

Recently, the head of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of Germany, Mr. Armin Laschet, commented on the European Parliament’s request for the European Union (EU) to stop building the Nord gas pipeline. Stream-2, citing the arrest of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

Duc noi ly le voi Chau Au ve Nord Stream-2
Germany stands out as a guarantor for the Nord Stream-2 project.

Accordingly, the German congressman said that the Russian arrest of Mr. Navalny upon his return to the country deserves strong condemnation. Especially Mr. Navalny just returned from Germany after poisoning suspected by the nerve agent Novichok in Russia.

However, in Laschet’s opinion, the Russian arrest of Navalny instead of investigating his poisoning incident was not related to the historic economic project of Russia and Germany called Nord Stream-2.

“The attack on Alexei Navalny must be strongly condemned. Now Russia has to arrest the people behind the attack instead of arresting Navalny. I also want him to be released immediately. But the gas transport problem. do not depend on it, “Mr. Laschet told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper on Friday.

With the analysis of the leader of the coalition running the German parliament, Mr. Laschet clearly showed the nature of the European Parliament’s pressure on the coalition leadership. It is clear that, as the EU’s legislature, the European Parliament has authority over the Union’s general policies instead of making claims to a particular European business.

The European Parliament’s interest in the Nord Stream-2 project shows the project’s particular importance in coalition policy but it should not be interfered with Parliamentary requests.

But even in the coalition’s internal issues related to a shared energy strategy, the German side has also expressed support for the gas project with Russia.

According to Mr. Laschet’s analysis, some European countries have criticized this project as inappropriate. He said that Nord Stream-2 will not infringe on the strategic interests of Ukraine – a country holding the position of transshipping gas from Russia to Europe.

In essence, some EU countries will still buy Russian gas, it simply changes technically: moving gas by sea instead of on land.

Speaking more about relations with Ukraine, Mr. Laschet said that this is a political issue, it should be separated from the economic values ​​that the Nord Stream-2 project brings. Remember, the Minsk peace deal is still being promoted by guarantees from Germany and France.

Earlier, the European Parliament considered to vote for a draft resolution requiring the European Union (EU) to stop construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline due to the arrest of opposition politician Alexei Navalny in Russia. .

The resolution calls on the EU countries to immediately stop the construction of the gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

In addition, the resolution proposes introducing new sanctions against individuals and legal entities “involved in the decision to arrest Mr. Navalny”. Sanctions proposed by the European Parliament may include restrictions on movement within the EU and freezing of assets.

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