German politicians: Russian sanctions cost the EU a high price

German politicians: Russian sanctions cost the EU a high price

(News 24h) – German politician predicts that Europe will be alone without Russia and cannot solve the common problems of the continent.

Politician Matthias Platzeck, former chairman of the German Social Democratic Party and former Premier of Brandenburg, recently spoke about the consequences that arise when Russia’s relations with the European Union deteriorate and emphasize the importance importance of resuming mutually beneficial relations.

According to Platzeck, if Europe fails to settle the situation in a common security structure on the basis of equal relations with Russia, Moscow will continue to strengthen ties with Beijing. And at that time, the US and the EU not only have two single big rivals, but they will face numerous difficulties before a “Alliance of great rivals”.

“Then, if in the United States again elect another” wrong “President – this is quite possible – then we Europeans might suddenly find ourselves completely alone in this world. “- he said in an interview with media conglomerate RND.

Mr. Platzeck noted that not only the US but also the EU countries would not be able to solve their problems without the participation of Russia.

This is especially important for issues like climate change, the war on terror, disarmament, and the situation in the Middle Near East. There are also a series of other issues in Europe such as political crisis in Belarus or divisions in Ukraine …

The politician said that Russia is a European country and should be involved in the common affairs of this region, there is no reason for Russia to be left out of the affairs of the European Union. “There is no ocean between us and Russia. This alone is enough to take care of the relationship improvement “- he emphasized.

Government of Germany: Russia China has to pay land price
German politicians believe that many problems cannot be solved without Russia

According to Platzeck, the time has come to reconsider the sanctions policy against Moscow, as the restrictions have damaged both sides, worsening political ties and increasing the threat of military threats. When sanctions are not working, they need to be reviewed.

It is known that the German politician’s statement made in the context of 2020, the European Union and some member countries have imposed a series of sanctions on Russia, in the cases of Sergei Skripal or Alexei. Navalny or Germany and the UK punish Russia for accusing Moscow of being behind a “hacker attack” on the EU network.

Or most recently, the European Parliament (EP) also passed a resolution requiring the European Union and Russia to stop the construction of the natural gas pipeline project “Northern Flow-2”, to protest Russia arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny, for violating the law.

Although this resolution is only a call and has no legal meaning because the EP does not have the authority to order the project to be terminated, but that has also intensified relations with Russia.



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