German MP: Preventing Nord Stream-2 is political suicide

German MP: Preventing Nord Stream-2 is political suicide

German politician Waldemar Herdt in an interview with Russia’s 360 news network commented on the pressures that draft resolution of the political group in the European Parliament wants to impose Russian sanctions and prevent the Nord project. Stream-2.

Nghi Duc: Ngan Nord Stream-2 is the chief executive officer
The Nord Stream-2 project is facing pressure from European parliamentarians.

Accordingly, Mr. Waldemar Herdt, MP of the Replacement Party for Germany (AfD), said that the European Parliament itself is an “artificial tool”, it is difficult to realize its own resolutions.

Waldemar Herdt warned that if Berlin retreated from the Nord Stream-2 energy project, Germany would face fines of around 12 billion euros and need to find a way to offset its energy deficit. All of this can seriously affect the economic situation in the country.

Earlier, more than 50 lawmakers in the European Parliament issued a resolution on April 28, proposing to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT payment system and stop the Russian-provoked Nord Stream-2 project. , further destabilizing Ukraine, hostile behavior towards and direct attacks on EU member states and societies of the Czech Republic as well as the treatment of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny “.

The MPs suggested that, if the ongoing tensions over Ukraine become an “Russian invasion” then the oil and gas imports from Russia to the EU must be stopped immediately … At the same time all assets In the EU financiers close to the Russian government and their families in the EU need to be frozen and their visas canceled.

German MP Waldemar Herdt said efforts to undermine the project are increasingly showing their true nature. Proposal to remove Russia from the SWIFT payment system and stop Nord Stream-2 “will not benefit anyone but a ‘third party’, hoping to bring famine and destruction to the economy. energy and economy of Europe “.

In a related development, on April 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned speculations about the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project, saying it was an unfair competition attempt.

The president’s statements took place during a videoconference meeting with representatives of the French business bloc, Sputnik reported. “In my opinion, there is a lot of talk about them trying to compete unfairly in the European market.”

Russia is undertaking “large-scale” joint projects known around the world, such as the construction of factories to produce liquefied natural gas Yamal LNG and Arctic LNG-2. , as is Nord Stream-2.

The head of state of Russia said that there were “signs of political speculation” about Nord Stream-2. He warned: “A pure economic project has nothing to do with the current political situation”.

Spurred by a consortium of companies from Russia, Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands, Nord Stream 2 is laying two pipelines across the Baltic seabed that will transport 55 billion cubic meters of Russian gas per year to Germany. .

One of the reasons Washington is opposed to the project is related to its desire to sell liquefied natural gas from shale mines to European Union member states.

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