German investors vindicated Nord Stream-2

German investors vindicated Nord Stream-2

Wintershall (Germany) CEO Mario Mehren said in a recent interview with RBC news agency that he considers Russian gas “a reliable and high-quality energy source” for Europe, even their quality surpasses the US.

Duc Tu Duc vindicated Nord Stream-2
The German company affirmed its support for investment in Nord Stream-2 due to the clean and stable quality of Russian gas.

The head of the company Wintershall said the fact that his company is advocating for reducing methane emissions from gas production.

“Russia’s Gazprom supports this task and we are working on it together,” Mehren stressed.

In addition, Mr. Mehren called transporting gas through Russia’s gas pipeline the “best solution” compared to buying liquefied natural gas from the US.

According to Mehren, supply reliability, purity and more affordable prices are the core value of Russian gas.

The investor’s comment is probably the most appropriate for the accusations related to the quality of Russian gas as well as the “threat to European energy security” as announced by the US side.

During a hearing at the US House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology, US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that natural gas extracted in Russia is said to be “the dirtiest” in the world.

Regarding the sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the US Secretary of Energy has voiced opposition to this project. Jennifer affirmed that the US considers this project “very dangerous”.

“This gas pipeline project transports the dirtiest natural gas in the world, and does not guarantee safety in terms of methane emissions. This is bad for our climate,” Jennifer said.

After that, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak spoke out. He said that he consulted data from different analytical and consulting agencies, according to which Russian gas supplied to Europe through pipelines has four times less carbon emissions than gas produced by the US. export.

Most U.S. gas is produced using hydraulic fracturing, which causes environmental concerns and lower quality, as well as impurities, Novak said. In contrast, Russia is “very focused on ensuring its leading role in the environment and providing clean energy to its partners,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov called the US official “a person posing as an expert”. He said she forgot to mention that American gas going to Europe, unlike Russian gas, is also composed of free molecules.

“If not, there is something missing in her assessments as US Secretary of Energy. But I’m sure she thinks so,” Pushkov wrote on the Telegram channel.

Rustam Tankayev, a member of the Energy Strategy Committee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated in an interview with Life that US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s statement on Russian natural gas being “the dirtiest in the world” shows that the head of the US energy industry is completely incompetent in this regard.

“This is the word of a person who is completely incompetent and motivated by political goals. Someone who knows nothing about the composition of the gas supplied to the consumer, does not know about the gas treatment process. nature and actual status of the gas transportation and processing industry, as well as the quality of gas supplied by Russia “- the expert noted.

In an earlier statement, the investor for another project, OMV of Austria, also said that Russian gas is more beneficial for Europe.

Mr. Rainer Seele – CEO of Austrian company OMV, one of the associate members to build the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, said that the price of gas flowing through this project will be much cheaper than that of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. with US liquefied gas exported to Europe, maybe even up to 50%.

“The price of gas on the European market also changes. The gas that goes through Russian pipelines to Europe is usually much cheaper than liquefied gas. I think it will be about 50% if you compare the price between gas. U.S. liquefaction and Russian gas run by Nord Stream-2 pipeline,” said Rainer Seele.

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak also mentioned this to reporters earlier. Alexander Novak told reporters that liquefied petroleum gas from the US to Europe is at least 30-40% more expensive than gas from Russia.

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