New research: German cockroach evolved to resist insecticides - Photo 1.

German cockroaches have evolved to resist insecticides

The recent raging German cockroach caused us to carry out this article, but the bad thing has not yet passed. According to new research published in Nature in early June, scientists confirmed that the speed of German cockroach evolution is so fast, the main factor driving German cockroaches is adaptation is the use of poison to digest kill them.

Researchers at Purdue University found that German cockroaches were able to transmit resistance to their descendants. Co-author of the scientific report, Michael Scharf, said: "We did not expect their drug resistance to develop so quickly".

"Cockroaches are self-developing their resistance to many layers of different pesticides, making it only impossible to kill them with chemicals.".

German cockroaches are eating baits in researchers' experiments.

In addition to utter disgust and distractions, cockroaches also carry E. coli and salmonella bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. These cockroaches released with their scattered body parts can stimulate sinus disease or cause allergies.

To experiment, the researchers tried three drugs to kill cockroaches on many apartments across the US for 6 months.

The results are frightening: most cockroaches still live well, even the number increases. Areas that use insecticides are worse than others (ie the "quality of life" of cockroaches in these areas is higher than the rest), proving that insecticides are counterproductive. use.

In the future, the team gives advice on keeping clean, cockroach traps or vacuum measures to eradicate the whole nest.

Scharf said: "Some new ways will be more expensive than insecticides, but if chemicals can't fight cockroaches alone, buying drugs is like throwing money through a window.".

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