Gemini Lake Refresh Models & Where Is Elkhart Lake?

The BMAX Y11 an 11-inch convertible Windows 10 laptop and the 13″ BMAX Y13 the best Gemini Lake laptop I’ve reviewed are now shipping with the new Celeron N4120 “Gemini Lake Refresh” over at Banggood. This minor tweak of the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 is now approximately 10% faster due to an overclock of 200Mhz more on the max boost clock. So 2.6Ghz max clocks Vs the 2.4Ghz max in the old N4100.

When did Intel release the Refreshed Gemini Lake?

These chips were introduced by Intel in December last year and are now making their way into the new stock. So if you were looking and still on the sideline as to whether or not you should get the BMAX Y13, for example, this is a good reason now to get one as it’s ever so slightly faster.

Celeron N4120 Benchmarks:

Many thanks to Michal for this below Geekbench 4 benchmark, HWinfo and CPU-Z results of the new Gemini Lake Refresh. This is now in the BMAX Y13 which sells for 307 Euros with coupon BGBXY13S here.

But where is the Elkhart Lake, the successor to the Gemini Lake and the new tech? My guess is Q3/Q4 sadly.

No word yet from Intel on the official release of the successor to the Gemini Lake. But when the Gemini Lake Refresh only just shipping this month Intel will likely milk this for most of the year. The Elkhart is to be fabricated with the new 10nm process (Down from 14nm) based on the Tremont microarchitecture and feature up to 32 EUs on the GPU side of things with the top-spec versions. That’s almost double the number of execution cores vs the Celeron N5000 and the Celeron N4100 Gemini lake tech I review has just 12 EUs.

The new Elkhart Lake will be a big step up in performance something to get excited about:

So this promises a welcomed huge step forward in integrated GPU performance & also CPU performance. And they will use powerful 11th Gen Intel Graphics as seen in the Ice Lake SoC. The 10nm SoC also means more efficiency per clock, so we should see a nice boost to battery life.

Elkhart Lake Road Map

It’s now just a matter of wait and see when we can expect to see this new SoC. Intel has had some production slowdowns and issues with 10nm so it will likely come late this year. As soon as brands like Teclast, BMAX, and Chuwi get hold of engineering samples and Elkhart stock we can expect new mid to late 2020 models.

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