Gatineau 10 years for killing her ex's new boyfriend

Gatineau 10 years for killing her ex’s new boyfriend

A 24-year-old man received a 10-year prison sentence on Friday for the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s new friend on November 15, 2018, in Gatineau.

David Émond had decided to plead guilty on March 11 to a reduced charge of manslaughter, instead of the original charge of unpremeditated murder. Judge Catherine Mandeville thus agreed to the joint suggestion of the Crown attorneys, Me Stéphany Robitaille, and the defense, Me Élise Pinsonnault, regarding the sentence.

“This is a violent crime akin to domestic violence. [M. Émond] reacted in a totally inappropriate and unacceptable way regarding a romantic break-up by not managing his emotions adequately. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and it is important that the courts denounce it loud and clear, ”said Judge Mandeville when handing down her sentence.

With the time already served in prison since the date of the murder, counted at time and a half, David Émond has about six years and five months to spend behind bars. He will also be prohibited from owning a weapon for 10 years and from communicating, directly or indirectly, with the victim’s family and friends, as well as with his ex-spouse.


On November 15, 2018, David Émond will collect personal effects from the apartment he shared with his former girlfriend, rue Saint-Paul, in Gatineau. The discussion escalates and the new spouse of the young woman, Johnny Normand, 20, intervenes, asking Émond “if he wants to eat a volley”. “You, do you want to get stabbed,” he answers tit for tat.

These spoken words, coupled with the use of a weapon, a kitchen knife, and the region of the body where the only blow was struck, namely to the thorax, the blade touching the heart, lungs and ribs, have were considered to be aggravating factors. On the other hand, the fact that David Émond does not have a criminal record and given his young age at the time of the facts were considered as mitigating factors.

Friday, in the courtroom, Émond, through his lawyer, said he was paralyzed by the situation, unable to apologize verbally to the family of the victim, for fear of breaking down.


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