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Garena Free FIRE Hack MOD Latest APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Free Fire Hack MOD APK (MENU MOD) 2020 is the year of battle Royale, no game is as popular as battle royale games. I realize the most popular one is PUBG Mobile but it’s very difficult to get a modified version of PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds). This is why in this article I will give you a modified version of Garena Free Fire Fire- Rampage which is Garena Free Fire MOD APK.

Without PUBG Mobile, the best game left would be Garena Free Fire. But my favorite is the Garena Free Fire mod apk which is nothing but a modified version of the game. So Free fire is a complementary battle royal game and the best part about the game is that it is really easy to understand and control.

Free Fire 5

Just like in PUBG, it is difficult to recognize and master the controls and about guns & scopes for beginners of the franchise. But on the other hand, there is nothing like a noob and you can become an expert in no time.

Features Garena Free Fire Hack MOD APK Aimbot

The latest 2020 version of Garena Free Fire – Rampage includes many new features. one of my favorite features is Aimbot. Well, most of the time it happens that it becomes difficult to target your enemies, especially when your enemies are running from place to place. In that case, you might miss the flame. It’s really hard to shoot enemies when they are moving, what you need is Aimbot.

Free Fire 5

If you will have a target then you will have no problem while killing your enemies. But I don’t have a good aim and I’m not good at killing enemies either. This is why our team specially modified the game to a small extent and now you will have an auto aim feature. You don’t have to aim at your enemy, all you can do is just move your gun towards the enemy and the gun will automatically move towards the head for a better hit. Then you just press the fire button, nothing else.

Unlimited Diamonds / Coins / Coins

One of the important and best features in the game is that you will get unlimited Diamonds and Coins in the game, yes you don’t need to give even a single coin to get 999999 Diamonds and Unlimited coins. Garena Free Fire MOD APK will give you this feature for free. Diamonds help you buy skins of popular guns, Unlock characters, unlock many more things that will make your character look amazing.

You can buy an attractive suit, character such as a hat, t-shirt, pants or anything else. More character unlock features will increase and unlock your character’s unique abilities. However, you can also only buy coins with Diamonds.


Garena Free Fire MOD APK is not an easy game, still many people play this game everyday and you can get professional multiplayer so its not easy to play the game. Hence Aim-bot is something that can help you in this way, it will easily help you to target your enemies easily and you can easily get headshots, AimBot gave me 16 kills in a real game.

Unlimited HP

What I like the most about this game is that you will get God Mode Option where your health is of type Unlimited, Whenever you get hit your health will be full automatically, so never Now worry about this whether you die or not, don’t worry. The unlimited health feature will let you enjoy the game without dying. But I don’t recommend abusing this feature. You must read below how you can stay safe using all these features.

Unlimited scallops Garena

If you are playing the game then you may know about Garena Shells which is an in-game currency that will allow you to buy many in-game items and upgrades. From Garena Shells you can get weapons, equipment and many other character skins. In this Modded version you will get many Garena Shells, I won’t say Unlimited but Many. You can also unlock the skins of popular guns like the M4A1, AWM and more.

Unlock all characters

If you have Normal APK it is very difficult for you to unlock all the characters but in Garena Free Fire MOD APK you will get all Unlocked characters. As you know that Character is really important in the game to increase your health, damage and many other things.

The best thing you will love about this Modified version Feature is its Mod Menu, You will get mod menu where you will be given choice to enable or disable any feature or anything at here. What I am saying exactly is you can just use the Wall-hack or you can simply disable it or you can disable the aimbot or use it with one click.

Wall hacks

Wall-hack is something everyone wants, you can see through walls and even shoot from walls but this only goes with you. Your enemies can’t shoot you through walls, it’s really easy and simple. But personally I don’t use Wall-hack, I don’t know why but I don’t use it. You can use it always without any problem but before you do this, you should read the instructions below using Garena Free Fire MOD APK at iGameHot.

Information about Garena Free Fire Rampage

Same as hack Free Fire max, you will match with 50 different players in Garena Free Fire after you will match. Soon, all players can land on a remote island by helicopter and this will be your battlefield.

You can land anywhere on the map just like in PUBG Mobile. Matchmaking will take about 40-50 seconds. Each match is about 15 and a half minutes of PUBG match time.

Free Fire is a really big game but if you want to unlock all skins or something like auto aim then the scenario is different. This is why Garena Free Fire Mega mod apk will give you unlimited ammo, Auto Aim and many other bonuses for free. All you have to do is read the full article and follow each instruction carefully.

Free Fire Hack Unlimited Coins & Diamonds

  • Get everything unlimited including diamonds and coins
  • You can choose any Character because they are all Unlocked
  • There is no wall, that means fire on the wall
  • No fog and no grass
  • Safe to use and download
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Supported in all devices
  • No root
  • Auto save game
  • Automatic Updates
  • Easy to install
  • You will get free Garena shells in the game.

Features of Garena Free Fire: Rampage MOD APK

  • Survival Shooting Game: Stay inside the Play Zone even while looking for weapons. You can loot your enemies after you kill them and be the last one after killing all your enemies.
  • As you play them in the game you will find airdrops in the sky going down and you can loot them to get some better loot but take care others will do the same as you.
  • 15 min, 50 players: More you survive the game than you rank and you will grow in the game.
  • 4 Teams Play With Voice Chat: The best part is you can create squads of 4 different players from anywhere and it can also be your friends and also talk with your team. friends with voice chat turned on.
  • Discuss your strategy with your friends for victory and try and keep all 3 of your companions alive in Free Fire MOD APK.
  • Realistic and Smooth Graphics: You will get to know about the controls easily and the nice factor about this mod is the realistic graphics of Fire-New Beginning, allowing you to enjoy the real world inside the game.

Characters and skills unlocked kỹ

  • The most I like in the game is Free Fire MOD APK Including quite a few guns that have taken from real life and work like rifles like AWM, M4A1, M16A4, Scar-Light and many more.
  • And the best part you get all the skins unlocked in the game
  • Snipers like AWM, Kar98k… and no more heavy shotguns like S1897, S686, .. And countless special guns for gamers like me to pick up.
  • When you download garena Free Fire MOD APK then you will get dozens of accessories with the intention of helping to look great and further develop in the game.
  • Items including ammo, helmet, and armor will give you a multiplier level of safety.
  • If we talk about transportation like cars, bicycles and jeeps, it will assist you to get to the places you want quickly.
  • You will get all Unlocked characters in fire mod menu for free
  • But using the vehicle will make a sound and this will familiarize your enemies with your position.
  • In addition, the game allows you to customize your personal character.

How to download Free fire MOD APK on Android

Follow these quick simple steps to get unlimited ammo and auto aim in the game:

  1. Download Free Fire MOD APK or Normal APK from at iGameHot.Net
  2. Also Download OBB file from same site
  3. Install apk on your mobile device
  4. Enable “Unkown Source” option from settings and then security option
  5. Time to extract the obb, Extract it,
  6. Paste the Unzipped file in Android>OBB
  7. Accomplished.


Garena Free fire is really simple and easy to master Battle Royale game. I can clearly say it is the best game after PUBG if we talk about Battle Royale games. When I started playing this game I was addicted so I thought about uninstalling this game for a while. But after a while I started playing this game again.

I hope you have successfully downloaded and installed Garena Free Fire on your Android. Just let me know if there is any doubt. The game is worth playing if you play it with your friends, so don’t forget to share it with them.

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